Griselda Season 1 Episode 3 Recap and Review: Who does the Ochoa family put in charge?

This article recaps Griselda Season 1 Episode 3


  • This article recaps Griselda Season 1 Episode 3, titled "Mutiny," and will contain significant spoilers.
  • The Griselda episode titled "Mutiny" has an electric performance from Vergara, who commands the screen.
  • Here at FandomWire, we give the episode a score of 9 out of 10 rating.
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This article of the Netflix series Griselda Season 1 Episode 3, “Mutiny,” contains spoilers.


In the Griselda episode “Mutiny,” a line is drawn, and we don’t mean cocaine. It’s an excellent episode for Sofia Vergara, who commands the screen as “the godmother” of cocaine in Miami. From the beginning, a drug war has been ongoing in South Beach.

Amilcar is sending his men to harass and abuse her dealers, the ones who sell to rich white people, like a tennis instructor. He is assaulted with his wooden tennis racket and beaten over the head with it. He reports back to Dario, who brings Griselda in for a meeting.


That’s when Arturo brings up some news. A man named Rafa has an offer for her. He wants to buy Griselda out. Arturo argues that this means she can take the money, raise her family, and live safely for the rest of her days. Also, she and Dario are lovers. They could raise a family together.

Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix
Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix

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Netflix’s Griselda Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Who is Rafa?

Rafa runs the Ochoa family, and he is related to them only through marriage. His wife is the family’s beloved daughter. The Ochoa family is the biggest cocaine supplier in Colombia. They want to buy Griselda (Sofia Vergara) out, aiming to buy out everyone in Miami, including Amilcar.


Rafa flies out with Griselda, German, and Arturo to a private island in the Bahamas. At this location is the warehouse used for the storage of their immense amount of cocaine. They have a great operation, dropping bundles of wrapped cocaine into the ocean with trackers.

They are then picked up and delivering the white powder by boat to the States. Rafa offers “The Boss” 15 million dollars, a sum that German and Arturo urge her to take. Of course, she refuses. Rafa tells her they will just take what’s theirs anyway.

Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix
Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix

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Why does Griselda turn Rafa down?

Griselda turns down Rafa because she wants to build something of her own. For years, she ran her husband’s business behind the scenes, all to watch him screw it up and burn it to the ground. This is hers, and she wants an empire to call her own. This is over German and Arturo’s objections. She leaves and attempts to gather all the crime families in Miami. Her plan?

They will unite against the Ochoa family. All of the area’s finest and most prominent drug dealers arrive. They like her plan but want to know who will run the show. Of course, Griselda says she will be the head of the new arrangement. Papo objects, claiming she will try to be everyone’s superior. She ensures everyone will be equal. But that’s when Rivi delivers the bad news.

Amilcar wants to take the deal. He has too much heat on him. The police are about to charge him with murder, and they have a witness. Blanco changes his mind, telling him she will find the witnesses and kill them. She sends Dario and Chucho. They find the witness at home with his wife and infant child. Dario calls Griselda to ask what she wants him to do. The godmother orders him to kill both but leave the newborn.

Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix
Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix

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Griselda Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Who does the Ochoa family put in charge?

Griselda ends with a shake-up. Amilcar is arrested, Rivi escapes, and the Ochoa family puts Papo in charge of the Miami drug trade. Earlier that day, Amilcar tells Blanco she is in charge, but since everyone would be more comfortable if a man were leading the business, he would be the face. She agrees, but only if it’s face-only. Griselda wants to make all the decisions.

Unfortunately for her, June ran a fingerprint analysis on the car where the murder took place. They ran a single match for Amilcar. Now, they don’t need the witness. That’s when he’s arrested. Blanco thinks she’s in charge now, but when she arrives at The Mutiny, the Ochoas break the news to her. Papo fires her, and now the godmother has nothing. Also, German is going with them.


The episode ends with June being invited to join a special task force to fight drugs in Miami. Her new boss, Diaz, questions an informant, who confirms a mystery woman is behind the murdered witness. We last saw Ms. Blanco sitting by a pool. It appears she is formulating a plan.

Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix
Sofía Vergara in Griselda (2024) | Image via Netflix

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Grade: 9/10

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