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The “Groot Skin” in Call of Duty Warzone May Be the Best or Worst Purchase You Make

Warzone players are in an outrage over the "Groot Skin" and its pay-to-win circumstances.



  • The Warzone Halloween event, The Haunting, is in full stride.
  • The Gaia skin, called "Groot Skin" by many, has caused a major controversy.
  • Players are furious over night mode and its lack of visibility.

Over the past week, Warzone has had a majorly positive response to its current season and its in-game event, The Haunting. But not all the feedback has been positive, as there have been a few complaints regarding the night mode, which is currently active, and more specifically, against one skin in particular.

So far, there is a lot to see within Season 6 of Warzone, as they have made many adjustments to the maps so that they are more Halloween-based. Such as zombie modes, jump scares that will make even horror veterans jump, special Halloween Easter eggs, and even bosses based on monsters.

Within the new season, there are a lot of different skins from all kinds of media and fiction that have graced us with their presence. One skin, however, has received a lot of controversy from players as it is practically impossible to see, especially during the game’s night mode.

What Is the New “Groot Skin” in Warzone, and Why Are Gamers Angry?

The Groot Skin in Call of Duty Warzone May Be the Best or Worst Purchase You Make
Warzone players are outraged at the new “Groot Skin.”

Just to clarify, this new skin that has created a lot of controversy in the community isn’t actually a Groot skin but is actually a skin called Gaia. But many gamers have taken to calling the skin “Evil Groot Skin” rather than calling it by its official name.

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The main reason players are angry at this new skin is because it makes gameplay pretty much impossible to see. It is made from a rather dark wood and is created with incredibly thin branches, leaving a nearly empty stomach.

This caused most of the player base to get very angry, and for obvious reasons, as this character is very difficult to see in regular conditions. Let alone when it comes to the night mode, which turns the character into basically a shade in the night as players begin to struggle to see.

This is mainly due to the fact that almost 40% of the skin is missing. While also adding to the fact that unless you know what you’re looking for, a quick glance would make you think it’s just scenery. This has led to quite an outrage as players request that the “Groot Skin” become more visible.


This has become even more evident within night mode, which is a part of The Haunting event that essentially reduces visibility by a major amount, leaving the players practically blind, even to enemies in their faces.

Will This Skin Be Changed Anytime Soon Due to the Backlash?

The Groot Skin in Call of Duty Warzone May Be the Best or Worst Purchase You Make
The new night mode has some Warzone players excited, while others are dissatisfied.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that this skin will receive any changes, as there have also been skins in the past that have been called out for essentially being pay-to-win and barely receiving any changes.

There have been some slight changes in the past to older skins in the original Warzone, like the Roze skin, which received major backlash as it basically vanished in the shadows. This skin did receive a slight edit to change how easily it hid, but it still wasn’t enough for many players.

With a skin as cool as the Gaia skin, it does feel quite sad to see it receive a bad reception as it is a rather cool-looking skin. But when a skin becomes pay-to-win, it will cause a lot of negative responses from the gaming community.

For now, though, the skin does seem like it will stay the same, as there are already a few other issues in Warzone that could do with some changes. However, if the fan base continues to respond with negative comments, there could be a potential change sometime in the future.

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