GTA 6 Announcement Leak – Real and Promptly Removed or AI Fabrication to Mess with Fans?

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Many fans have been shaken to their cores as there was a clip of TakeTwo Interactive’s CEO discussing GTA 6 and a potential announcement on October 23rd; this video was posted to Twitter/X by a user called GTA 6 SPAM, who posted the video on their feed and shortly after the video was removed due to a copyright strike, which has left many fans wondering whether this was a real video or whether it was a fabrication that has been removed to avoid misinformation.

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Why do Fans Think this GTA 6 Announcement Leak is Fake?

GTA 6 Announcement Leak Real And Promptly Removed Or AI Fabrication To Mess With Fans
GTA 6 SPAM releases video leaking potential announcement day.

When it comes to leaks, fans will always have to take them with a grain of salt as you can never know what is real and what is fake, and that is what has caused the issues regarding this leaked announcement regarding GTA 6 as many fans are hoping that it is accurate, but many are being more realistic and think that it has been AI generated and could be a fake leak to mess with the fans of the franchise.

There are a few reasons why fans think this video could be real or fake, and I’ll go over a few of those reasons in this article, but again, this information hasn’t been confirmed or denied by TakeTwo Interactive at this current time; the only action that has been taken is to remove the clip from Twitter/X.

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To start, after the video was published onto Twitter/X by GTA 6 SPAM, it was very quickly noticed by fans who immediately began to identify a few flaws within the video clip that made many wonder whether this clip was authentic. For instance, when talking about GTA 6, the voice in the video, which is allegedly the TakeTwo Interactive CEO, refers to the game as GTA VI by actually saying the V and I, which is something that AI will do as it does not realise those letters are being used as roman numerals rather than just letters.

There has also been a video posted by GTA 6 SPAM, which shows a clip of the TakeTwo Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick talking on a News Report and showing a few seconds of the leaked announcement in an attempt to show how similar the voices on each recording are and how it could potentially be Strauss Zelnick in this leaked announcement.

So far, fans are split on whether this leak is real or not, as there is no definite test to determine whether it was a real video clip or an AI-generated clip, but for now, many fans are moving towards the consensus that this was an AI-generated clip which has been created to mess with fans.

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What Does the Leak Being Removed tell us About Whether It’s Real or Fake?

GTA 6 Announcement Leak Real And Promptly Removed Or AI Fabrication To Mess With Fans
GTA 6 could be announced on October 23rd 2023.

Currently, no one can agree as to whether or not this leak is real or fake, and it has started a few debates amongst fans, but what does the video clip being removed tell us regarding the video being real or fake?

So far, this tells us that TakeTwo Interactive are aware of this video clip and has already reported it as part of a copyright strike to avoid its release to the public. There are two reasons why they will have done this, and those are because if the video is real, they don’t want the announcement leaked and are trying to avoid this information being released to the public before they are ready.

The other reason is that this could be misinformation, and with it potentially being an AI deep fake, this could also cause a lot of problems regarding the TakeTwo Interactive’s CEO as this shows that AI is able to believably mimic his voice and has been used to create a nearly perfect video of him releasing a statement which may or may not be accurate.

For now, there is no more information regarding this leaked announcement, but if it is accurate, many fans will be looking forward to the announcement of GTA 6 on October 23rd; if it is fake, it will cause a lot of problems for TakeTwo Interactive and Rockstar as fans are growing desperate to have GTA 6 release.

What do you think about this information regarding GTA 6? Do you think this leaked announcement could have been fake or real? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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