GTA 6 Fans are Clutching at Straws

Fans find GTA 6 in the most bizarre places, as wait for an official announcement continues.


  • Fans find GTA 6 hints in Rockstar Games' Post.
  • Rockstar Games' post was about the Moon Festival.
  • Fans suggest Rockstar Games hide hints in plain sight.
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The wait for GTA 6 has gotten fans tired, and frustrated to the extent that they see references everywhere now. This year’s Gamescom held in August, opened with a fun getting on to the stage to ask for a GTA 6 update, before being escorted away. Rockstar Games recently celebrated GTA 5‘s 10th anniversary, and while the game continues to get new content and DLCs, fans are left annoyed at the studio not confirming any news on the next title in the franchise.


Now, to celebrate the Moon Festival, Rockstar Games tweeted a picture to showcase two new Tees. As expected, fans highlighted a couple of references to “VI” or more specifically, GTA 6.

Fans Interpret Rockstar Games’ Post To Contain GTA 6 Hints, Highlighting Bizarre Coincidences

GTA fans are clutching at straws, finding GTA 6 hints everywhere

Rockstar Games posted an announcement related to the game celebrating Moon Festival on X, and fans have taken the post to twist it into a GTA 6 easter egg hunt. The post contained a male and female character rocking red, Happy Moon Tees and announced fans could get their hands on the same by joining the festivities in-game.


The picture of the two characters was taken in front of the famous Vinewood sign, with a picture of an almost full moon on the other side.

Since the first two characters of the Vinewood sign (VI) were made visible while the rest of the sign was either hidden or blurred out, fans have taken to replying to Rockstar Games with their theories as VI spells 6 in Roman numerals.

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If it sounds far-fetched, it’s probably because it actually could be, but if Rockstar Games is deliberately dropping breadcrumbs, it could also mean an announcement could be on the horizon.

Even The Moon Screams GTA 6, According To This Fan

GTA 6 Trailer is expected to break records with fans awaiting any bit of news about the title impatiently
The GTA 6 Trailer is expected to break records with fans awaiting any bit of news about the title impatiently

If that wasn’t bizarre enough, a GTA fan posted a screenshot of Rockstar’s post and advised everyone to look at the Moon carefully, hinting that the Moon’s unusually covered part also looks like a “VI”. The moon in the picture is said to be at around 85% full and appears with patches that perfectly resemble the Roman numerals signifying 6.

As bizarre as it might sound, the fan also goes on to explain that the phase of the moon shown in the image is one which the moon will enter on Monday, 2nd of October, and then again on Wednesday, 1st of November later this year. The fan concluded their post by asking,


Could this latest Tweet not only tease VI but point to the next big announcement?

It’s a given that at this point fans are just too impatient as well as frustrated and would give just about anything for an official announcement. Last year’s hack of Rockstar Games’ server was considered the biggest hack in the gaming industry which led to the revelation of many details about the next Grand Theft Auto title under development, and that the hack didn’t affect the developments.

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This also led Rockstar Games to publicly announce that the next title was indeed being developed, but fans were left wanting more even as there were no other official announcements made. Even if an official announcement is made, GTA 5 is unlikely to fade away anytime soon.


Are you looking forward to GTA 6 or are you content with GTA Online for the near future? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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