GTA 6 Gets a New Teaser Featuring GTA 5’s Franklin


Bryan Zampella, also known as ‘The Z Man’ is keeping GTA 6 fans on the edge of their seats, with his hints and teasers. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed that he will be the star of the anticipated installment of Grand Theft Auto his recent actions have caused quite a buzz. In a film called ‘Dead Drop’ shared on Instagram, Zampella. Who is strongly rumoured to portray Jason in GTA 6

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But here’s where things get fascinating; Shawn Fonteno, the actor who brings Franklin to life in GTA 5 makes an appearance in this teaser. Fonteno’s character realizes that the person he thought was his pilot is actually an imposter adding tension to the scene.


The plot thickens as they engage in conversation with another person wearing a cap and tracksuit who cryptically mentions something, about “the druids coming for the blast crew.” Intrigued by what they have discovered they make the decision to open the mysterious briefcase.

I haven’t unraveled all the details, but what I do know is that this is the most potent and perilous thing I’ve ever encountered,

Zampella remarks as he gestures toward the briefcase. In true Franklin fashion, Fonteno exclaims, “Oh, no way!” upon seeing the contents.

Franklin , one of the protagonists from Grand Theft Auto 5, returns in a new teaser for GTA 6, which is set in Vice City.
Franklin, one of the protagonists from Grand Theft Auto 5, returns in a new teaser for GTA 6, which is set in Vice City.

GTA 6 Teaser Hints at Vice City Setting and Franklin’s Return?

Without any announcement, from Rockstar Games it’s understandable to speculate that Zampella might be enjoying the uncertainty surrounding the situation. Maybe he’s the favored individual. Possibly he isn’t and Rockstar is using him as a diversion, from the actual reality. One thing is clear; the truth will eventually come to light.

The teaser begins with a scene of Franklin driving through a city that bears a resemblance, to Vice City. Franklin is dressed differently. Has a hairstyle. He is also seen using a phone suggesting that the game will take place in a contemporary time period compared to Grand Theft Auto 5.


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The teaser then transitions to a shot of Franklin standing in front of a prominent diamond-shaped building adorned with a large neon sign reading “Vice City.” This unequivocally confirms that Grand Theft Auto 6′s setting is Vice City, fulfilling a long-standing rumor.


The teaser concludes with a shot of Franklin entering the building, followed by a fade to black and the words “Grand Theft Auto 6” appearing on-screen.

Franklin Clinton Returns in GTA 6 Teaser, Confirming Vice City Setting
Franklin Clinton Returns in GTA 6 Teaser

This new teaser has sent waves of excitement throughout the Grand Theft Auto community. It serves as an official confirmation of the game’s development and provides a sneak peek at Franklin’s role in the upcoming installment. Furthermore, the teaser solidifies Vice City as the game’s setting, fulfilling the desires of many fans who’ve been eager to revisit this iconic location.


While the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 remains uncertain, this teaser indicates that the game is steadily progressing toward completion. Fans can expect to receive more information about the game in the months to come. So, what does this teaser reveal about the game itself?

Although the teaser is brief, it offers several key insights. First and foremost, it confirms the return of Franklin Clinton, a beloved character from GTA 5. Franklin’s presence hints at a potential connection between the two games or a continuation of his storyline in GTA 6. Secondly, the teaser strongly suggests Vice City as the game’s backdrop. The unmistakable neon sign bearing the city’s name leaves little room for doubt, aligning with longstanding rumors. 


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Finally, the teaser implies that GTA 6 will embrace a more contemporary era compared to the setting of GTA 5, introducing new technology and cultural elements into the game’s narrative.


Although this preview gives us sneak peeks of GTA 6 it’s important to keep in mind that it’s the start. The complete range of features and content, in the game is still unknown. But one thing is clear; GTA 6 has reignited the excitement and interest of the GTA community. They are eagerly looking forward to what Rockstar Games has planned for them in this anticipated release.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we’re going to see Franklin again in GTA 6? Leave a comment and share your opinions!


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