GTA 6 to Reportedly See the Return of One Classic Franchise Feature More Recently Seen in Call of Duty

GTA 6 is drawing closer every passing day, and we now have some information regarding the game's possible features.

GTA 6 to Reportedly See the Return of One Classic Franchise Feature More Recently Part of Call of Duty


  • GTA 6 info was leaked by a PlayStation dev on X.
  • The leaks include mention of dual-wielding weapons, an Eagle Eye ability, NPC interactions, and many other game mechanics.
  • There are no current plans to include any single-player expansion to GTA 6.
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With Grand Theft Auto 5 having been released over 10 years ago, the stakes have never been higher for GTA 6. As we come close to the 2025 release window, we are getting a slow trickle of information as is common with every major release. 


The latest info dump of GTA 6 leaks is far more substantial, offering a glimpse at how players will be interacting with the world, possible game mechanics at play, and the game’s environmental designs. In the middle of all this information, it appears we will be getting a beloved feature, one found commonly in Call of Duty, which can help us take care of any threats. 

The New GTA 6 Leaks are Packed with a Lot of Information Regarding the Game

GTA 6 leaks give us a better understanding of what to expect in the game
The GTA 6 leaks give us a better understanding of what to expect in the game

The leaks come from PlayStation developer @nima02l on X. They have created a tweet thread on all the different mechanics they are aware of that will be included in the upcoming GTA. They open the tweet by speaking on the very first act players will be committing in the game: a robbery. Fitting for GTA and in line with the start of GTA 5, the robbery will probably also act as a tutorial for the rest of the game. 


Players will also have the option to willingly surrender to the cops. Before, the only way to not die to cops was to let them catch you, but it seems Rockstar has now included a much more decision-heavy mechanic. 

Borrowing from its Wild West cousin, GTA 6 will also feature a form of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Eagle Eye vision that allows players to quickly spot items of interest. Players can also better defend themselves in the game by dual-wielding weapons. This feature was left out of GTA 5 and required a mod for it to be included. There’s no mention of which weapons can be dual-wielded, but we assume it won’t be a blanket feature across all guns. 

The Leaks Also Shared how the Game World Will Operate

The GTA 6 map will evolve over time
The GTA 6 map will evolve over time

The dev states the game is going to feature the highest number of minigames among all the GTA titles. Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag fans will be happy with the inclusion of a new fishing game that involves catching marine life using harpoons. The game’s map is also going to evolve over time, hinting at a dynamic world that changes according to player interaction. 


The game is also going to be super detailed, as every action will require a specific tool to accomplish, such as lockpicks for opening doors, wire cutters to hotwire cars, etc. The NPCs and cops are also going to recognize the player and their vehicle, with interactions depending on the player’s in-game behavior. 

Interestingly enough, Rockstar was also going to implement a real-life form of cryptocurrency, including NFTs. But, given the current climate around these topics, that idea has likely been dropped. There are also no talks for any future single-player expansion, just like in GTA 5, so don’t expect more campaigns. 

What do you think of the features mentioned in the leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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