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GTA 6 Will Reportedly Break Starfield Record – Will Take 16 Days 14 Hours to Finish: Its Gargantuan Size Will Astound Even Seasoned Gamers

GTA 6 Will Reportedly Break Starfield Record – Will Take 16 Days 14 Hours to Finish: Its Gargantuan Size Will Astound Even Seasoned Gamers

GTA 5 is still considered one of the best open-world games after a decade of its release. The game is so well-built that new-gen console players are also busy playing it. With new updates and better rewards, Rockstar Games has always kept the fans on the edge of their seats. But this has been going on for far too long. The fans are demanding something more than just an update.

Recently, the gaming community was buzzing with Starfield. Soon, that place will be taken by another video game. Rockstar Games is busy developing GTA 6. They left all of their ongoing projects to focus on GTA 6. But certain leaks have surfaced online, which has made the gaming community go into a panic mode.

GTA 6 Will Be An 400 Hour Game With 750 GB Storage

GTA 6 Will Be An 400 Hour Game With 750 GB Storage

Since the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 by Rockstar Games, there has been no end to the leaks surrounding the game. But the most recent leak has frightened every gamer. Grand Theft Auto 6 takes 400 hours to complete the game, according to the leaked report. That is if the user wants to complete every mission (100% of the game). 400 hours roughly come to 16 days and 14 hours. It is believed to be the largest open-world game yet.

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It does not end there, as according to the leak, Grand Theft Auto 6 will require a storage of 750 GB. These numbers do not feel authentic from any angle. Grand Theft Auto 5, upon its release, was around 70 GB. The gamers are worried that if this is true then GTA 6 will take up their whole console space. Other than that, PCs would require good SSDs and better HDDs to support the game. Not everyone can afford such luxuries.


GTA 6 News, an account on X, said.” GTA 6 is expected to be a 750GB install size with 400 hours of content according to a leaker.” The account holder kept the leaker anonymous by uploading a picture of the news. The huge size of the game is allegedly due to the presence of multiple cities and tons of missions from each city. The fans are not at all happy after hearing this report.

More On GTA 6

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games may not confirm it, but the fans are not at all pleased with such monstrosity news. They want to enjoy GTA 6 and not get burdened by it. There is ongoing speculation that Rockstar Games will release the first look of Grand Theft Auto 6 later this year. Data miners have dug deep to find out that a collectible hunt might take place in Grand Theft Auto Online. Interesting missions, along with great rewards, are said to be present. Among these events, a Grand Theft Auto 6 event might take place.

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If these rumors are true, Rockstar needs to do better with GTA 6. Microsoft Flight Simulator has a storage of 190 GB, which feels like a lot. 750 GB is way too much, even for hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers will go sleepless for several nights to finish the game. Not only them but the normal public will also have their sleep taken away when they hear the speculation surrounding the price of Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 6 is speculated to cost around $150.

GTA 6 - Rockstar Games
Fans are unhappy with latest Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks

These leaks are the only source of information for the gaming community since there has been no official news. These leaks feel like bombs dropping on our heads. It is better to wait until later this year when Rockstar is speculated to give us the first sneak peek of Grand Theft Auto 6. It will surely break records but also break down Rockstar’s fan following.

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