GTA 6 Won’t Include the Well-Memed Train Question if Fans Get Their Way With Highly Requested Feature That Is the Next Step for Rockstar

The gaming community hopes for one GTA 6 feature that was absent from the predecessor.

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  • Some GTA 6 fans are wondering if Rockstar Games will give them the option to operate the trains.
  • Previous Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA: San Andreas had the feature to drive trains.
  • Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled to be released next year around the season of fall.
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GTA 6 is scheduled to be released sometime next year, and the gaming community cannot contain its excitement for the highly anticipated sequel. The franchise has always given the players a great deal of freedom and options for traversal, but there is one that is high on the bucket list.


The developers have ticked almost every box for traveling, from air to land and sea, but might have overlooked one other mode of transportation. The players have spent a decade making fun of the unstoppable train in GTA 5 and are hoping for the option to take control of one in the sequel.

The Gaming Community Hopes the Trains in GTA 6 Are Drivable

GTA 6 fans are tired of traveling in style and are begging for another option.
GTA 6 fans are tired of traveling in style and are begging for another option.

It is worth noting that several other projects by Rockstar Games have given the players the option to commandeer a train, like in GTA: San Andreas and even in Red Dead Redemption 2. Both of these games were way ahead of their time and even had real-time features like muscle and hair growth that would also be welcomed to return for this sequel.


Do you think they will give as an option to drive trains in GTA 6? It would be a good new addition to all the vehicles/forms of transportation we have.
byu/Queasy_Commercial152 inGTA6

Unstoppable is an understatement of how to describe the trains in the last Grand Theft Auto game. Players have spent countless hours coming up with crazy ideas on how to stop them or even derail them, but the majority of the efforts were all wasted and became an entertaining pastime for bored players.

The option to drive the trains is one of the many improvements the community is hoping to see in the sequel that took a decade to develop. Players are expecting to see the developers take a massive leap with realism and one up the gruesome fatalities from previous games.


Rockstar Games Needs to Give the Train Some Love in GTA 6

The players are optimistic about the train being better utilized in GTA 6.
The players are optimistic about the train being better utilized in GTA 6.

Rockstar Games has grown quite ambitious given the massive success of the previous game and added a bunch of futuristic yet unrealistic content like hovercrafts, flying bikes, and submersible vehicles but couldn’t take the time to figure out a mechanic for players to control a train.

It is time for the developers to do something with the train other than being used for fast travel. The trains were given more depth in Red Dead Redemption 2, where players could board the trailers to rob the passengers and loot the carriages.

Providing the players with more options for traversal will most likely encourage them to explore every square inch of the State of Leonida. The developers have already accomplished this feat with the train system in much older games, and they have taken their sweet time to develop this sequel, which could open the possibility of this feature returning.


The majority of the players would rather have the option to drive the train than see the return of the Faggio. The scooter has outstayed its welcome, and the community has no problems seeing it be discontinued and removed from the legacy of Grand Theft Auto.

Would you like to drive the train in GTA 6? Let us know in the comments section below!


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