GTA 6’s Mini-Games Reportedly Biggest They’ve Ever Been

Mini-games will add life to GTA 6's massive world.

GTA 6's Mini-Games Reportedly Biggest They've Ever Been


  • The lack of mini-games in GTA 5 already sets high expectations for GTA 6 to include more of them, and it's possible that we'll see an improvement.
  • These mini-games can range from recreational activities to sidequests that add to the larger narrative of the game.
  • There's a high chance that these activities will inspire players to explore the fictional world of GTA 6 even more.
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In the past, Grand Theft Auto games have had some of the most fun and engaging mini-games to exist in any open-world title. GTA 6 plans on being no different, and it was evident from the first trailer itself that the game will have a lot of activities to take part in.


However, a new set of leaked information suggests that these mini-games will certainly add more depth to the world. In an article where we discussed the possible mini-games we could see in GTA 6, there was a strong emphasis on these activities tying directly with the world’s events. It looks like this can be true after all.

Recent Leaks Suggest That We’ll See Way More Activities This Time Around

The variety of mini-games might as well have their own subgenres.
The variety of mini-games might as well have their own subgenres.

GTA 5 may have been a widely successful title for Rockstar, but the one thing it lacked most was the lack of mini-games. Tennis, golf, and hanging out with friends were fun, sure, but everything else felt a bit empty considering how much more the world could have offered.


Fortunately, GTA 6 will seemingly change this. According to the latest leaks posted on Reddit by user Longjumping-Crab3594, it looks like we’re in for a roller coaster ride of mini-games when exploring the massive game. The leak suggests that we will get to experience activities like basketball, tennis, pool, fishing, and more.

In the past, games like San Andreas adequately added a lot of content to the open-world genre by maximizing the mini-games. Ever since, there hasn’t been that kind of variety in the more modern versions of Grand Theft Auto.

How Will Mini-Games Impact the World in GTA 6?

Imagine how fun it would be to hang out with friends, given the variety of mini-games.
Imagine how fun it would be to hang out with friends, given the variety of mini-games.

From the trailer alone, we can see how vast the world is in GTA 6. Not all the tales that happen here are larger than life or a hero’s journey. Rather, much of this world is filled with day-to-day craziness and shorter stories of living in the moment.


From chasing animals to chasing sunsets, clearly Rockstar is trying to build a world that lives and breathes in the present rather than drive itself into insanity pondering about the past and the future. This indicates that the mini-games are going to play an important part when it comes to world-building.

Look at it this way: boat races let you explore the surface of water bodies; deep sea diving and surfing may let you explore the oceans; indoor games may make for quality moments with friends; and so on. While there’s no info around co-op, there is a chance these mini-games can make for some interesting moments with mates in GTA 6, and not just NPCs.


What kind of mini-games are you looking forward to in GTA 6? Let us know in the comments below.


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