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Guardians of The Galaxy & 9 Other Movies That Hold Unbelievable Guinness World Records

Movies have been here since a century. And over the years, many popular films have created unusual and unique world records. Here are our best picks of the lot.

Spectre: Largest Explosion In A Movie

With more than two dozen movies under its arsenal, the James Bond franchise is a formidable beat of Hollywood. It’s explosive action sequences leave an amazing after taste. But there’s one more reason why the 2015 James Bond movie Spectre was even more memorable. Spectre boasts of the largest recorded artificially induced controlled explosion in human history to be ever recorded for a movie. 33 Kilograms of powdered explosives were detonated along with 8,418 liters of kerosene. The explosion had a combined force equivalent of 68.47 tons of TNT. It lasted for a full 7.5 seconds.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: World’s Most Expensive Movie

On Stranger Tides is not the best movie in the Pirates franchise. But it was a behemoth when it came to production budget. The movie was way too ambitious for its own good. The ensemble cast it had roped in demanded high salaries. Add to that the fact that the Studio insisted on detailed film sets meant the figures skyrocketed pretty soon. By the time the movie was done. On Stranger Tides had cost the company a whopping 379 Million US Dollars. The movie went on to make over a billion dollars so the gamble paid off.

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Finding Dory: Fastest Animated Movie To Reach 100 Million Dollars

While Disney ushered in a new era for animated movies, it was Finding Nemo that was considered the point where it all began to make sense. Finding Dory was the sequel to Finding Nemo. The forgetful Dory took us through an unforgettable adventure. It was so beloved by fans when it was released that it went on to create a record. Finding Dory is the fastest animated movie ever to achieve 100 Million Dollars at the Box Office during its theatrical run. That is a record no other animated Disney movie has been bale to break yet.

Antz – First Movie Ever To Feature Digital Water

Visual and special effects have developed a lot ever since Hollywood began. From practical effects to full-fledged CGI, the journey was tough but worth it. In the Nineties, a studio investing in cutting edge CGI tech was unusual. Dreamworks Animation left no stone unturned to create a unique animation style. Back then, the technology did not allow to create algorithms to simulate the effect of water. So every frame was drawn by hand or using special manual graphic techniques. Antz was the first movie to not only come up with a technology to create digital water for the first time, they laid the foundation for other Studios like Disney to follow up on.

The Secret Life Of Pets 2: Most Dogs At A Single Screening

The Secret Life Of Pets is pretty much like Toy Story. But instead of toys, it focuses on what your pets do when they are left alone. Unlike the first movie, secret Life Of Pets 2 focused more on the emotional aspect of pets. The movie holds an unusual world record. Guinness World records state that the movie had a total of 120 dogs attend its initial screening at Universal Pictures Brasil in Brazil. It also happens to be one of the highest grossing animated movies of all time for Universal Pictures.

Jurassic World – First Movie To Gross 1 Billion Dollars In Less Than 2 Weeks

people do love nostalgia. And no movie spells nostalgia better than Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park franchise. When Jurassic World was announced, everyone was excited to see the dinosaurs run amok once again. Jurassic World was a huge success. It also holds a rather impressive world record. It was the first movie ever to reach 1 Billion dollars in under two weeks. It took the movie 13 days to reach the coveted Billion dollar club. The record was previously held by Fast & Furious 7. Jurassic World beat Fast & Furious 7 by a huge margin of 4 days.

Chinese Zodiac – Most Credits To A Single Person In A Movie

You know you are a true master in your discipline if you have multiple skills in the same field. When actors try to be more than just actors, they try to be directors, producers, and script writers. Jackie Chan on the other hand chooses to be all of those and much more. In the hit 2012 movie Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan was credited as the writer, director, producer, and executive producer. Other than that he was also credited as “cinematographer, art director, unit production manager, catering coordinator, stuntman, stunt coordinator, gaffer, composer, props, and theme tune vocalist.” Jackie Chan received an incredible 15 credits in different roles for the movie. Chinese Zodiac was also the movie that gave Chan another world record – most stunts performed by a living actor.

LOTR/Hobbit Trilogy – Largest Movie Set Ever Created

Peter Jackson went to a lot of trouble to stick to practical effects for Lord Of the Rings. people generally recall the detailed costume designs, armors, and weapons used by each and every character in the movie franchise. But many do not know that Hobbiton, the little town that’s better known as the Shire, was an actual set created from scratch. Hobbiton is regarded as the largest film set in existence with covering a whopping 15 acre of land. The Hobbit trilogy ended up using the same set in New Zealand for filming its various scenes.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy – Highest Body Count On-Screen

One of the most fan favorite MCU movies, 2014’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is memorable for way more reasons than the movie itself. The movie is full of humor and witty one-liners. While you may call it as family friendly, the movie has a dark secret. Guardians Of The Galaxy holds the world record for the largest on-screen body counts. The 80,000 Nova corps along with 3,871 odd deaths all across the movie push the total on screen body count for the movie to 83,871. Not even a dance off is enough to make us forget that one.

Gandhi – Most Extras In A Movie

Extras in a movie help fill up a very significant void. They not only increase the plot depth but also help provide substance to the film. The 1982 biographical movie – Gandhi, holds the world record for employing 300,000 extras. From those 100,000 extras were paid actors. The others were volunteers who were lucky enough to be a part of this timeless classic.