Guillermo Del Toro Can’t Stop Being the Nicest Guy After He Credits Actors and Animators Equally For ‘Pinocchio’ as Netflix Movie Set to Decimate Disney’s Atrocious Remake

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Remakes of popular childhood films have always been around and do not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Recently, Disney released the remake of a classic movie focusing on a wooden puppet, Pinocchio. The namesake movie which was released on September 8, 2022, was not well received by viewers and critics alike. While viewers called it one of the worst remakes, Rotten Tomatoes could only spare a disappointing 27% for the movie.

Robert Zemeckis' Pinocchio (2022)
Robert Zemeckis’ Pinocchio (2022)

Now, Mexican filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro is all set to release his version of the classic character in Netflix’s Pinocchio. While Disney’s Pinocchio directed by Robert Zemeckis seemed to have majorly disappointed the fans, the upcoming movie already seems much better, concerning its visuals. Guillermo del Toro was quick to credit both the voice actors and the animators for the promising success of the movie.

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Guillermo del Toro Credits the Animators

Guillermo del Toro
Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro

While most of the time animators are overlooked when it comes to talking about the movie’s success, Guillermo del Toro is one to take time out and credit the animators for making his Pinocchio a reality. He thoroughly believes that the entire team is responsible for a movie’s success, deliberately mentioning the animators in his statement.

“One significant step on Pinocchio is that we credit the animators right up the front alongside the cast members- because they are.”

Del Toro further stated that for his Pinocchio to have a revolutionary effect, he and co-director Mark Gustafson knew right from the start that anything and everything related to animation will be in the control of animators, and animators alone. 

It is quite refreshing to see a director specifically mention animators and credit them for their hard work for once. So far, with what viewers have seen, the animators certainly deserve the recognition. 


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How Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is Different 

Guillermo del toro's pinocchio
Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

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Del Toro’s efforts were certainly recompensed for since Pinocchio’s premiere at the London Film Festival on October 15 received a swarm of positive reviews, with one calling it a “soulful stop-motion masterpiece.” 


Since the movie is completely animated, as compared to Disney’s live-action remake, viewers who got the chance to watch its premiere are already in awe of how del Toro managed to bring such soul into an animated movie. The Hellboy director puts stop-motion into play to bring the characters to life, along with the creative usage of miniatures. The work that went into creating the movie instantly makes it a much better and different version of Disney’s 2022 Pinocchio.

It’s no surprise that the original Pinocchio holds a space in the hearts of Disney fans. Disney’s inability to create something magical in the remake simply disheartened the viewers who believed that the live-action remake was unnecessary since it did not add anything to the story. With del Toro’s Pinocchio not having to deal with the problem of CGI and reality butting heads, the movie already seems promising and fans can’t wait to witness the magic themselves.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio will be available to stream on Netflix on December 09, 2022.


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