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‘Had Tons of People Laugh at Me’: Christian Bale Reveals His Idea of a ‘Serious Batman’ in Nolan Trilogy Was Laughed At.

Christian Bale Reveals His Idea of a Serious Batman in Nolan Trilogy Was Laughed At.

Christian Bale is an English Actor, known for his versatility and recurring physical transformations to play his roles, he has been a leading man in films of several genres. He says that many did not take him seriously when he first told the about The Dark Knight trilogy. He revealed that it was wonderful for him to be a part of a trilogy that has proved so many people wrong. When it comes to his character Batman, Christian Bale had the last laugh.

Christian Bale Batman
Christian Bale Batman

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Christian Bale reveals why he was not taken seriously:

Bale as Batman
Bale was not taken seriously

Before the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, in which Christian Bale plays the villain, Gorr the God Butcher, he reveals how he wasn’t taken seriously by many when he first told about the Dark Knight film series.

He said that he told people that they are going to do some sort of Batman movie, and tons of people had a good laugh regarding that, saying it just won’t work out for him.

Christian Bale played Bruce Wayne or Batman in all three films. In 2005, it started with Batman Begins and ending it with The Dark Knight Rises, in 2012. The trilogy is now regarded as one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces ever made.

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What is cooking up in the Batman universe?

Christian Bale Batman Sonar Vision
Christian Bale Batman strategies

The Dark Knight trilogy is known for its take on the darker side of the Batman story. This year, The Batman, featuring Robert Pattinson had a similar take on the story. Nolan’s film followed the film of 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns and then 1995’s Batman Forever and then 1997’s Batman and Robin.

Last month Bale said that he is open to appearing in a potential sequel, but for that Nolan would have to be on board with him.

Bale said that he has yet not seen Robert Pattinson’s performance in the Batman movie. He then praised Robert for being an amazing actor and said he will watch the film as soon as possible.

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Source: PEOPLE

Written by Kathakali Sarkar