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‘Had your boyfriend come shoo him…he was just doing his job’: DJ Bella Alleges Sydney Sweeney is a Closet Racist, Claims Sweeney Stereotyped Her Mexican Boyfriend as Proof

syndey sweeny mexican backlash

Sydney Sweeney, the beloved star of the HBO-produced adult-drama Euphoria, is currently plagued with accusations from the public as well as fans alike who claim that she and her family are right-wing conservatives. This accusation comes after they saw some particular video that was posted on her social media account this Saturday in celebration of her mom’s birthday.

The video in question is a short video in which attendants at the party were wearing red caps which read “Make Sixty Great Again”, which is a reference to the campaign slogan of former President of the United States Donald Trump. Now a DJ named Bella Ferrada has come out with an accusation to further attempt to cement Sweeney as a racist.

Sydney Sweeney FandomWire
Sydney Sweeney at an event

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Bella Claims Sydney Sweeney Stereotyped Her Boyfriend

As if things weren’t already looking bad for her, Sydney Sweeney’s latest backlash comes from DJ Bella Ferrada, an LA resident who says Sweeney is prejudiced against Mexicans.

when euphorias cassie syndey sweeney was called ugly by twitter she broke down during a live watch 001
Sydney Sweeney at an event

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Ferrada revealed the news on her Instagram story, where she first posted pics from Sweeney’s mother’s birthday party. As she addressed the issue she wrote-

“Especially after she pulled some racist sh*t on Lalo when he was working at an award show. But well save that tea for another day”

Lalo in question is her boyfriend. Ferrada then went on to comment on Sweeney’s post, accusing her of being uncomfortable after Sweeney saw her boyfriend at the HCA Awards-

“All I see are red hats and red flags girl bye, this explained why you got so scared when my Mexican boyfriend was trying to fix lighting by you at the HCA awards and you freaked out and had you bf come shooo him while he was just doing his job and has no idea who you even are… why were you so scared ? It’s giving karennnn”

Whatever damage control Sweeney is putting out right now, it better work because she has dug herself into a hole that she might not be able to climb out of, and let’s hope she doesn’t dig it any deeper.

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Despite All The Noise, Sweeney’s Got A Friend In The Conservatives

Sydney Sweeney is not exactly what you’d think to be on the good side of a lot of people today, but the conservative group in America has been in strong support of Sweeney following the backlash she received from the internet.

Sydney Sweeney FandomWire
Sweeney in Euphoria

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The first of the many support from the right-leaning handle comes from Tomi Lahren, a commentator for Fox News Radio-

Another conservative and filmmaker John Ziegler also gave his support to the Euphoria star-

Other sources of conservative media, such as outlets have shown their support for the 24-year-old star-

A columnist from Newsmax, Christine Flowers, also tweeted-

This is not a good look Sweeney, considering the fact that the show she stars in, Euphoria, is one of the most progressive shows of this decade. She’s defo gonna need a huge damage control team to recover from this.

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