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Halle Berry’s Hilarious Reaction to Fan Claiming He Loved Catwoman as a Kid But Was Shocked People ‘Hated’ it: ‘Imagine [my shock]’

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Catwoman, a 2004 film starring Halle Berry, is still causing a stir 18 years later. Halle Berry stopped by to reflect on the fact that her 2004 film, Catwoman, which was a box office and critical flop, is finally getting some love. The Catwoman star, on the other hand, claims that while most people were disappointed by the film, she was not.

Halle Berry in Catwoman
Halle Berry in Catwoman

Berry had received a lot of criticism for her portrayal of the role, for those who were unaware. Many other actresses have played the character before, including Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises, Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, Cameron Bicondova in Gotham, Julie Newmar in Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, and Eartha Kitt in Batman, and Zoe Kravitz in The Batman.

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Halle Berry’s reaction to fans of her Catwoman film

Catwoman was nominated for seven Razzie Awards, which are given to the year’s worst films, including Worst Picture and Worst Actress for Berry, who accepted the honor. The John Wick star has been a good sport about “Catwoman’s” loss, despite the fact that she already won the Best Actress Oscar a few years earlier. But that didn’t make her feel any less accountable.

Halle Berry came to support Halle Bailey
Halle Berry

A few days ago, a fan tweeted about how much he loved Berry’s Catwoman as a kid and believed it was one of the best movies ever, and the response was overwhelming.

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The X-Men actress responded with a Tweet after she began receiving appreciation from people who have been discovering, or re-discovering, the film and admiring her performance. She also hilariously responded to another tweet previously asking “where were these fans 17 years ago?” adding a laughing-cry emoji with it.

Is there any chance of getting Halle Berry’s Catwoman in the DCEU?

Despite the film’s poor performance, Halle Berry enjoyed working on it and was pleased with her performance. She handled all of the criticism with grace, demonstrating the type of actor she is. She claims that:

“I worked really hard to be a Catwoman. I learned capoeira. I did the work, The disheartening part was I didn’t direct it, I didn’t produce it, nor did I write it. I was just the actress in it. But for all these years I have carried I think, you know, the weight of that film. And whatever success it had or didn’t have, somehow it seemed like it was all my fault. But it really wasn’t my fault. But I’ve been carrying it.”

halle berry
Halle Berry

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With the upcoming Flash movie allowing actors to reprise previous superhero roles, It has been a question of whether will we get multiverse Catwoman or Catwomen in the future of DCEU. In response, the X-Men actress states that she is willing to do so, but only if she is given the opportunity to direct the film.

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