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Halloween Kills: 17 Reactions So Hilarious Even Mike Myers Would Start Laughing

With Hallowing Lurking around the corner, it’s time the unkillable Michael Myers rises from his grave and makes yet another petrifying return to Haddonfield. “Halloween Kills,” the provocative piece directed by David Gordon Green, is evidently influenced by reactionary ideas carved up a gruesome old-school slasher. Yet, although advertised as a horror movie, fans have found comedy in the orchestrated chaos and the commotion of an unhinged crowd.

Halloween Kills Makes it BIG at the Box Office. 

Halloween Kills Movie: Showtimes, Review, Songs, Trailer, Posters, News & Videos | eTimes
Nick Castle, James Jude, and Airon Armstrong cast as “The Shape”

The movie SLAYED at the box office (figuratively, of course) with a grossing of over 50 Million Dollars!

 “Halloween Kills” picks up right where it left off in 2018 but not before a quick intro that takes us back to the night of 1978’s “Halloween.” We see how Michael Myers’s former psychiatrist (Donald Pleasence) emptied a revolver into his old patient’s chest, only for the unstoppable killer to pick himself up off the lawn and disappear into the night. We watch, too, as Officer Hawkins (Will Patton) accidentally shoots his partner in the neck as Myers is strangling him. The viewers seem to be in for one scary ride. 

The “Halloween Kills” fanbase, like any other, has turned out to be more creative than they’re given credit for! With the hilarious tweets and threads rolling in, we have taken the liberty to sort out the funniest among them. No matter whose side you’re on, Laurie or Michael, we’ve got you covered with the funniest fan reactions to “Halloween Kills,” which would make even Michael Myers break his character. 


















Let us know your favorite part of the movie. Have a fa-boo-lous Halloween. Share this with fellow fans and share a laugh or two in this otherwise spooky season!!




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