Halo Infinite Adds a Much Needed Feature from the Master Chief Collection That’ll Help with the Dwindling Player Count For Sure

The long-awaited feature finally lands in the game.

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  • The Match Composer feature from the Master Chief Collection makes its way to Halo Infinite.
  • The feature will allow players to look only for the matches in specific modes they want to play.
  • Players can enable or disable the feature for modes according to their preference.
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343 Industries has brought constant updates to Halo Infinite and has brought the game a long way from where it was upon its launch. The developer added more modes and playlists and encouraged community content, but the player numbers have decreased recently.


But the developer is taking steps to avoid that, as a much-needed feature will be added to Halo Infinite in the next update. This feature is straight from The Master Chief Collection, and players would surely appreciate having it in the game.

Match Composer Feature Is Finally Coming to Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is getting the much-awaited Match Composer feature.
Halo Infinite is getting the much-awaited Match Composer feature.

343 Industries announced via a blog post that today, June 4, the latest Operation in the game, Tenrai IV, launches, and there will be several fixes and updates alongside the launch of the Operation. But what’s more exciting is the arrival of the highly anticipated Match Composer feature, which was last seen in The Master Chief Collection.


The Match Composer is a matchmaking feature that allows players to easily find the matches they are looking for based on their team criteria. For example, if a player is looking for a 4v4 match, they will just need to select that, and then they will be taken to a queue with players looking for those kinds of games only.

This applies to other criteria as well, such as BTB, FFA, etc. Then players can choose the modes they want to play. Although players can select “Team Arena” and it will put them into game modes within that playlist, they can now “compose” the match experience by searching and playing the types of games they are interested in. They can also “compose parameters and search one playlist at a time.”


The Feature Will Give Players More Freedom and Control on Their Games

The feature was previously seen in The Master Chief Collection.
The feature was previously seen in The Master Chief Collection.

343 Industries said that this new feature will give players more control over the games they want to play. It also said that this will allow it to make some “niche offerings,” which were just limited-time rotational, and turn them into “permanent Match Composer mode choices.”

It also added that Team Snipers is now available to play all the time in the Quick Play playlist. The matchmaking menus will look like they did previously, but players will have the choice of available playlists, and upon choosing the Match Composer-enabled playlist, they will be presented with all the modes they can choose from.


It is important to remember that every mode will be enabled, but players are free to select and deselect as per their wishes. The developer also mentioned that selecting fewer options in the modes will take players more time to find matches than a player with all the modes turned on.

Moreover, almost all social playlists will have Match Composer. But it cannot be used while playing Ranked, excluding the Ranked Arena, Ranked Slayer, Ranked Doubles, and Ranked Tactical modes.

What are your thoughts about the addition of the Match Composer feature in Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments below.


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