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Halo Season 2 Officially Underway at Paramount+ Despite First Season Receiving Severe Backlash From Fans

halo 2

Paramount has announced Halo Season 2, a follow-up to the Halo. Paramount+ released a TV series based on the 2001 Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo. The show had a total of 9 episodes and went on air on May 24, 2022. The show received a mixed response. While many loved the show for its concept and story, but others were disappointed in the series. The disappointment came from a large section of gamers who have been engaged with the game ever since its release. 

Paramount announces Halo Season 2

Recently the official Twitter account of the show shared a tweet confirming the second season of the show. The tweet said, “The Spartans have landed in Iceland! #HaloTheSeries Season 2 starts production now.” 

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What Went Wrong With The First Season of Halo? 

Halo was based on a Game series. However, when a game is adapted into a tv series, makers need to be careful about how they present the story to an already established fanbase. 

The Halo game series has been around for two decades and has created a huge fan base for itself. When the studio announced that they will be adapting it for a series, fans were excited to see the story on screen. However, the series made some changes and was set in a different timeline than the original series. 

Halo Madrigal fight
The Spartans join the fight beside the human rebel forces in Madrigal.

Fans argued that these characters were not as emotional as they showed them in the show. They even argued that the creators should have followed the original plot of the film, which would have described the concept of Halo more accurately. 

One of the things that caused most of the backlash was the CGI of Cortana. They argued that the character did not look like itself and the CGI was even worse for the character. The comparison between the character in the game and the show started taking place as well.

Halo series becomes the most-watched on Paramount+
Halo series becomes the most-watched on Paramount+

Another thing that was not liked by the fans was how they changed the character of The Master Chief, or Petty Officer John 117. The character was totally different from what they saw in the game and comics and even involved some unnecessary scenes. 

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Why Did Paramount Decide on Halo Season 2?

There is no doubt that Halo received a not-so-good reaction from fans. But at the same time, there is also a section who loved the show and is eagerly waiting for Halo Season 2. After its release, Halo became the biggest hit for an original series within 24 hours of its release.

Master Chief
Master Chief

It became the second most watched series of Paramount+. The show even led to an increase in the subscriber base of the streaming platform. However, Paramount has already announced Halo Season 2 prior to the release of its first season, in February 2022.

The production for Halo Season 2 has also started production in Iceland. Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill has said that the series will be a standalone series, and they plan to develop it into a franchise. 

Production for Halo Season 2 is Officially Underway

As for the plot for Halo Season 2, it’s been kept under wraps by the studio. The executive producer of the show, however, has said in his interview with Deadline, “I believe really strongly that we have an amazing story to tell with him, and we’ll continue to do so.”

Halo pilot garnered a huge viewership
Halo pilot garnered a huge viewership

He said that they are still working on the script for Halo Season 2. Fans are curious to find out what happened to Master Chief, Soren, and Kwan at the end of the show and how it will be forwarded in the second season of the show. 

The first season of Halo is available to stream on Paramount+. As for Halo Season 2, it is expected to release around mid to late 2023. However, no official release date for the show has been announced yet. 

Source: Twitter

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