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Harley Quinn Getting Renewed For Season 4 Amidst Multiple Cancelations Prove David Zaslav Only Wants to Secure Quality Projects For His 10 Year Program

Despite all the recent cancellations that we’ve seen this year from Warner Bros’ side, of which the most heartbreaking was Leslie Grace’s Batgirl, we still have a show in Harley Quinn that does not seem to be meeting its end anytime soon. The adult animated superhero TV series just got renewed for a fourth season!

The Kaley Cuoco-led TV series by DC has been critically acclaimed for its dark tone, humor, superb voice casting, and brilliant lead character after which the series is named. What we can judge from this delightful news of the TV series’ renewal is that at the very least, David Zaslav has his eyes set on putting out content from quality projects.

Harley Quinn FandomWire
A promotional poster for Harley Quinn

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David Zaslav’s Approval Of Harley Quinn Is A Positive Marker For DC and WB’s Future

The Harley Quinn series currently has an approval rating of a staggering 88%, backed up by an IMDb rating of 8.5/10. The news of the renewal comes before the finale episode of season three airs, and it has surely pleased fans of the series and the character alike.

Harley Quinn FandomWire
L to R: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn

Not only that, but the show will also have a new and worthy showrunner- Sarah Peters will take over as the new showrunner, having previously worked on the first season of Harley Quinn. She will be replacing Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, who were there from the very start of the series.

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The approval of the fourth season of the animated TV series seems to be pointing toward the ten-year plan that Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav has planned for the DC movie universe- a plan in which Zaslav has been quoted as saying “we’re going to focus on quality.”

Let’s hope Zaslav has his priorities set straight and is able to emulate the success that the MCU has achieved with its record-breaking box office movies because after all, DC has a lot of potential.

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Departing Showrunner Halpern and Schumacker Send Their Regards To The New Showrunner

Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker have proved over the course of three seasons of Harley Quinn that they are competent showrunners with the creative mindset to create more entertaining TV shows, however, they will be bidding their farewell to the show for now.

Harley Quinn FandomWire
L to R: Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern

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Here’s what Halpern and Schumacker have to say to the new showrunner Sarah Peters, and their reaction to the renewal of their beloved TV series-

“We are ecstatic that HBO Max wants the story of Harley and Ivy to continue. And we are equally thrilled that this next season will be in great hands with Sarah Peters as our showrunner and Ceci Aranovich overseeing animation production, as they have both greatly influenced the show with their brilliance since the beginning.”

We’re pretty happy that the series is getting a renewal too, and we’re equally hoping that the fourth season will be as chaotic and entertaining as the first three seasons, or maybe even better!

The first three seasons, minus the finale of the third season, of Harley Quinn are currently available for streaming on HBO Max. The fourth season does not have a release date yet.

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