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First Look at Harley Quinn on The Suicide Squad Set

Harley Quinn The Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad has moved production down to Panama, and with this company move, has come the inevitable leaked set photos of Harley Quinn. 

Tons of photos have leaked over the past couple months as the film started production in Atlanta and then moved to Panama. Character identities and their respective have been slowly revealed during this time.New photos were taken recently in the past few days showing a new version of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, with a different costume and hairstyle than her previous two film ventures. 

Robbie is sporting a black and red hair color and costumes pointing towards a more classical Harley Quinn look. Harley’s classic jester costume was used in Suicide Squad, though it was only for one scene. These new photos on the other hand show several different costumes with the red and black added. 

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There are two interesting theories that can be pulled from this. The first being that the director, James Gunn just wants to simply bring Harley back to her roots in both comics and television, by employing her natural colors. This could end up being the definitive film version of Harley Quinn depending on how good the movie is but in James Gunn we trust. The second theory is that Harley may have gone back to Joker, especially after how well Birds of Prey has gone in its first week. While it would make the entire point of the film completely obsolete, this is what Harley is known for. She flip flops on her abusive relationship with the Joker. Quinn is known for always returning back to Joker, for almost any reason her insane brain can come up with. She left him when he tried killing her, but he simply said sorry and she went right back into his arms. 

Harley Quinn is also used best when used to prop up Joker’s malicious intent. She can be her own character, but it needs to be somehow related to Joker, Joker made Harley so she can never shed that part of herself. 

DC has had a tendency over the years to shoot their films on real world locations versus the constructed movie sets of the Marvel films. That is why Shazam had the superhero costume accidentally revealed during filming the mall sequence. The Batmobile was revealed during filming of both Batman v. Superman and the first Suicide Squad movie. The Joker’s car was also revealed during the filming of the movie as well, including the Batman’s involvement. Put this altogether and it really isn’t surprising that DC has things get leaked from the way the movies handle production secrecy. Marvel films almost everything on a constructed set, leading to almost no security leaks on their sets. 

With this lack of production secrecy, there is a very good chance that Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit will also be leaked before the end of the year. What do you think of Harley Quinn’s new look? Or do you find it an interesting coincidence that DC just happens to let certain things leak? Let us know in the comments below.

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