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Harley Quinn vs. Punchline: Who Is The More Twisted Joker Girlfriend

Harley Quinn and Joker have been one of the most talked-about couples in the DCEU. In fact, Harley’s criminal activities were all due to the toxic and abusive relationship the two shared. But she has escaped from the relationship. Joker, too, has found someone new to be his and helps him in his dirty deeds. It is Punchline. Joker even calls her an upgrade. But is she really? So here we are, comparing two of Joker’s girlfriends to see who is more twisted.

Harley Quinn: The real femme fatale of DC

Harley Quinn is more twisted than Punchline
Harley Quinn

Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Tim, Harley Quinn was introduced as a comic relief henchwoman for Joker. She debuted in Batman: The Animated Series in the episode aJoker’s Favor. Though she was just introduced for one episode, she became a recurring character. Also, Joker’s love interest. This made her a canon character in the DC comic book Batman that came out in October 1999, titled Batman: Harley Quinn #1. She is initially a psychologist at Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. She falls in love with Joker, who was her patient, and the two become accomplices. Also, later the two become lovers.

Harley Quinn, who was in a toxic and abusive relationship with Joker, is now over it. She left him and joined an alliance with Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Harley Quinn has special abilities like enhanced strength, immunity to toxins, agility, and durability. Along with it, she is an expert in gymnastics, wielding weapons, and hand-to-hand combat  Being a psychologist who is well trained in the subject she is also capable of manipulation and deception. She is one of the four most popular characters in the DC comics.

Punchline: Joker’s Upgrade

Punchline is more twisted than Harley Quinn

Created by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez, Punchline is the new henchwoman of Joker. She was first introduced in Batman #89 which came out in February 2020 and is a part of the DC rebirth. She serves Joker and is his new partner in crime. Her true name is Alexis Kaye but calls herself Punchline. She is cold and sadistic, nothing like Harley Quinn. Alexis Kaye is introduced as a student who is infatuated with Joker. She meets Joker through the internet, and the Clown Prince of Crime teaches her how to create the Joker venom. 

Now, with the new toxins, she goes killing homeless people in Gotham City for fun. She kills her dean when he objects to her wearing a Joker costume to a school event. That is when she completely transforms into Punchline. Joker considers her the funniest. Joker hires her to be his partner in the Joker War. She is more devout to Joker and is an inverse of Harley Quinn. She has great knowledge of chemical engineering, bladed combated and also has knowledge

Harley Quinn vs. Punchline: Who is more twisted?

Harley Quinn vs Punchline
Harley Quinn vs. Punchline

Harley Quinn is the original and the first girlfriend of Joker. She is twisted and powerful but also compassionate and friendly. She knew she had to walk out of the toxic relationship and build healthy relations with other people around her. Also, has a great mind and is unhinged and genius. She uses her knowledge to manipulate people.

On the other hand, Punchline is the new replacement. She is blindly devout to Joker and can defeat Harley in battle. She, too, is a genius and can manipulate people. But she is way more sadistic, brutal, and cold-hearted. She is also more methodical, she understands every situation in-depth and then acts accordingly. Based on the comparison, it is quite easy to say that Punchline, Joker’s new girl is more twisted than Harley Quinn. Though this is not the final statement, barely anyone would disagree.

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