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Harley Quinn’s Solo Series Allows Her To Break Free From Joker

Harley Quinn’s solo show centers around the life of Harleen Quinzel as the main character and not as a side story to Joker’s arc. Batman: The Animated Series showed Harley as one of Joker’s assistants, but she gained international fame when she started having her own episodes. One of the most notable ones is the “Harley and Ivy”.

The New Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Joker

Her own series paved way for Harley to demonstrate all the remarkable traits she has that made her popular, and this proves that her character can perfectly stand on its own. The animated series took place after Joker and Harley broke up. The latter formed her own villain squad, which included her best friend, Poison Ivy.

Harley’s life was a really tough one; she goes back to Joker and gets betrayed all over again. Ivy, on the other hand, is infatuated with Kite Man. This created a problem for Harley since she started developing feelings for Ivy.

Harley Quinn Poison Ivy

What’s good about Harley’s portrayal in the series is her ability to break away from stories that hampered her full self-expression. In the original animated series and the Suicide Squad, Harley was the complete opposite of who she really is. Harley’s blind affection for Joker encouraged sympathy from the audience, but in the Harley Quinn series, she has more aspirations.

Brighter Future Ahead

Harley Quinn

The Harley Quinn solo series depicted the character in a new light, more empowering and less stereotypical. She is no longer a mere follower but a leader who can carry her own show. Because of this, Harley’s future in the DC world is brighter than ever.

More about Harley’s adventures and relationships will be revealed in Season 3. Showrunner Patrick Schumacker confirmed in a tweet that the audio mixing has wrapped up in March. The show will arrive in the summer of 2022 although there is no specific date yet.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.