Famous Film Director Harmony Korine Points to Call of Duty as the Epitome of Gaming Visuals, Rivalling Spielberg’s Best Works

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The Call of Duty franchise has seen recent praise coming it’s way and maybe the latest from an unexpected source, Hollywood. And the comments made by filmmaker Harmony Korine could possibly split the crowd, depending on your personal views.


The American states that he is fully focused on the future of the industry and that he is looking at the advancements of both films and the gaming industry and how these two may be able to converge.

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What did Harmony Korine say about Call of Duty?

Call of Duty
Harmony Korine is looking to the ‘future of entertainment’.

But it was his comments in a recent interview for GQ magazine which may court controversy with some;

“you could look at the Call of Duty trailer now, and it looks better than anything that [Steven] Spielberg’s ever done.”

Not sure we agree with that one but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion!

And it was in this interview that Korine talked about his co-founded creative collective and design studio ‘Edglrd’. It’s pronounced ‘Edgelord’ before anyone asks. The Studio itself is said to be working on movies, video games and maybe interesting part, movies experienced as video games. The latter part is what Harmony Korine views as the ‘future of entertainment’.


He was quoted in the interview with the following;

“We’re trying to gamify movies. What we’re trying to do is to build some mechanism that allows people to interface with the footage and basically remix, or make their own, films.”

And Korine went further by acknowledging that the gaming systems have advance so much over the years and that is why the trailers for recent video games are standing up against many movies. Call of Duty being the prime example.

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Call of Duty
Harmony Korine heaped praise on the Call of Duty franchise following the most recent trailer

The filmmaker went on to divulge that he has recently lost interest in what he calls ‘normal films’ and that he was looking for what would become the ‘next big thing’ in entertainment.

He also went on to provide examples on the studio’s first project which is due for release, Aggro Dr1ft. And in this he talked about thermal imaging, animation and AI technology which have led to the film’s aesthetic being described as ‘gamecore’.

“How do you take the whole idea of entertainment, of live-action gaming, and create something new? The obsession here is that there’s something else after where we’ve been — that one thing is dying, and something new is being born right now.”

Further on the interview, Korine was asked if he ever saw himself returning to ‘real movies’ and confirmed that he would, but only for one person. The person in question being Terrence Malick who has written a script that he wants Korine to direct.


Who knows, maybe Harmony Korine could take on a Call of Duty movie at some point in the future?

But what’s your thoughts on the latest news for Call of Duty? Do you agree with the comments made by Harmony Korine? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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