Harrison Ford vs Anne Heche’s Disturbing Salary Difference: Anne Hehce Only Earned 0.62% Of Indian Jones Actor’s $20 Million Salary For Their Romantic Movie

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The gender pay gap isn’t a new topic of contention in Hollywood, with many actors voicing their concerns over the years. While there have been several incidents, one that catches the eye the most is the massive salary difference between Anne Heche and Harrison Ford for their movie Six Days Seven Nights.

The late actress Anne Heche
The late actress Anne Heche

In a shocking revelation made back in 2021, while on the podcast Trading Secrets, Anne Heche revealed she was paid just 0.62% of Harrison Ford’s $20 Million salary. While the late actress revealed she felt disappointed but still regarded Harrison Ford as her Hero.

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Anne Heche And Harrison Ford’s Massive Pay Difference

Heche lost out on roles due to her relationship with DeGeneres
Heche lost out on roles due to her relationship with DeGeneres

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Women have always been paid less in comparison to their male counterparts in almost all professions. This fact becomes even more severe when it comes to the glitzy film industry.

Anne Heche, known for her roles in several successful movies, suddenly fell out of the favor of Hollywood as she made her same-s*x relationship with Ellen DeGeneres public. Since she lost on numerous projects and million-dollar deals, on top of the growing opposition from critics, she was forced to accept the payment for Six Days Seven Nights.


“But because everyone was like, ‘Oh, my God, Harrison said yes, so I don’t know, negotiate the deal. Just do it!’ … You are not asking for anything.”

The aftermath of making her relationship public made Heche feel she had lost the power to negotiate for better terms and payments in her contracts. Speaking up about the massive pay difference the late actress revealed,

“I think for Six Days, Seven Nights, I made $125,000 for four months of shooting. And Harrison made — and I know this because I used to make fun of him — He made $20 million and 12 points on the first dollar made on the movie.”

While she mentioned the numbers might vary a little, the gap remains as huge as ever considering that Harrison Ford went on to earn more in the form of profits from the movie. This massive pay gap serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality in Hollywood and beyond.

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Despite Massive Pay Gap, Anne Heche Regards Ford As Her Hero

Anne Heche hails Harrison Ford her hero
Anne Heche hails Harrison Ford her hero

Anne Heche went through a hard time as a repercussion of revealing her s*xuality. At a time when she was fast losing out on major movie deals and fired from numerous projects, Harrison Ford helped Heche in regaining her footing in the film industry.

“I just want to say this and the reason why I feel comfortable saying this for anybody who is listening, Harrison Ford truly is my hero. I have done an honoring to him because the truth of the matter is that I owe him my public life.”

It was because of the Indiana Jones actor that she got her role in Six Days Sven Nights, after being fired by the higher-ups. Ford’s support and encouragement at a time when Heche saw her career crumbling before her helped her become the voice of social change in Hollywood.

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