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Harry Potter: 22 Best Jokes Ever

The biggest fantasy universe is undeniably the Harry Potter universe. It would never be enough to thank J.K Rowling for giving us one of the best series that never gets old. The movies are so loved that we never fail to relate them with our life incidences that turn into rib-tickling memes. We have compiled 22 best Harry Potter jokes that will make you laugh out loud!

1. Dobby is free now! Let him be, please. One of the best ‘ex’ jokes I have come across.

Harry potter best jokes

2. Please don’t die laughing after watching this. I wonder if Minerva could transfigure when she was a kid would she look like this?

22 Harry Potter best jokes

3. Maybe Draco was hiding his compliments under his scorn.

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4. I think this one of the best Harry Potter jokes ever! Do you think he was biased?

6. These are indeed some very dark times. Many might look like him by the time we come out of this situation. 😛

7. It should be considered valid, right? Potter heads, where you at?


8. How about a Spider-Man crossover? The depiction is pretty much precise, though.

9. Here’s another one and possibly one of the best Harry Potter jokes

10. These memes where Dumbledore gives away points to Gryffindor never seem to get old.

11. Only if they would’ve believed him in the first place but no.  Ministry of magic be like: 

12. Only purebloods will understand this. If you know, you know.

13. Soul trinkets? LOL! Poor Harry, though!

14. By that logic, imagine his name would become so long

???? from HarryPotterMemes

15. Finding the drunk texts the following day be like:

Late night text from HarryPotterMemes


16. Who says we can’t? The reaction here is exactly what they’ll get. Funnily, relatable.

No! from HarryPotterMemes

17. But at least he had money. Loads of it.

18. The most fun one. Would you say this is exaggerated? I think not!

19. Whoaa!! Is it, though?

20. Oh! Hell yeah! Who would ditch that?

Anytime ???? from HarryPotterMemes

21. His father will hear about this 😛

22. Think of how funny it would have been. I can’t stop laughing. The illustration is on-point, too.

These were the Harry Potter best jokes we found. Tell us if you know were!

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