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Harry Potter: 5 Times Draco Malfoy Proved He Isn’t A Villain (& 5 Times He Was A Hero)

Draco Malfoy was bad at being bad and here’s why:

Slytherin is definitely up the points table these days. In recent weeks, Draco Malfoy has been the talk of TikTok as users have started a new trend called ‘Dracotok’. Fans of the series have been using the hashtag #DracoTok for videos devoted to their crushes on Tom Felton’s character of Draco Malfoy.
Felton has uploaded his very own reaction video about the trend which has nearly crossed 19 million views. He even used the hashtag himself.

Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter saga has been portrayed as a character who is like a member of the Hitler Youth. At a very young age, he was brainwashed by his parents to believe in pure-blood superiority and his parents were quick to follow Voldemort the first time around.
He was shown to us as an antagonist initially who brought a lot of trouble to everyone’s favorite trinity. However, his character developed drastically and we got our fair share of moments where Malfoy acted like a hero.

10) Not A Villain: Draco Warns Hermione

Although he did it in his own sarcastic manner, Draco made it a point to warn Hermoine of the danger on her. During the Quidditch World Cup, when he sees the Muggle Roberts family being floated sixty feet in the air and mocked by a hoard of Death Eaters. Draco asks Hermione to keep her “big bushy head down” or else she might get attacked for being Muggle-born.

9) Hero: He Pretended Not To Recognize Harry

A scene from Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows (Part 1) showed Harry captured at the Malfoy Manor. However, a spell had distorted his face due to which Bellatrix had to ask Malfoy whether the boy they captured was Harry or not. Malfoy’s eyes show he recognizes Harry, but he decides not to confirm that they have indeed captured Potter.

8) Not A Villain: He Tried To Befriend Harry

At the very beginning of the story, when Malfoy meets Harry, he tries to be friends with him. However, due to his poor first impression, Harry rejects the young Slytherin-to-be’s friendship treaty which of course damages Malfoy’s pride. This small incident resulted in a long-lasting hostility between the two.

7) Hero: Draco’s Destiny

Draco’s wand for a fact consisted of unicorn hair. One of the most-celebrated wand-maker of the series, Mr. Ollivander, said, “Unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands.” The core of Malfoy’s wand, much like his spirit, is difficult to turn to the dark side.

6) Not A Villain: His Bond With Moaning Myrtle

We witnessed a very sensitive side of Draco when he opened up to Moaning Myrtle about his sufferings of being an heir of Slytherin. He connected with Myrtle when he was pressured by Death Eaters to prove his loyalty to Lord Voldemort. Malfoy spent a lot of time in Slytherin’s washroom crying and suffering from being forced to do acts he wouldn’t otherwise do.

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5) Hero: He Would not Kill Dumbledore

Draco had one of the toughest times during his failed attempt to murder Professor Dumbledore on the orders of the Dark Lord. His attempts were so weak that Dumbledore himself wondered if the person behind them was really trying to kill him or not. When he stood in front of Dumbeldore to assassinate him, he eventually lowered his wand and started to cry in his struggle to cast a spell. Even with his parents’ lives at stake, he couldn’t kill Dumbledore

4) Not A Villain: Draco’s Strong Bond With His Wife

If you happen to have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, you would definitely know how Draco later evolves as a person. He’s no more vehement about proving his worth to his family and even develops meaningful relations with wizards who have no connections to the Dark Arts. He marries Astoria Greengrass, who similarly converts from pure-blood ideals to more tolerant life views.
Draco evolves into a good father who does not want to raise his son Scorpius believing that Muggles are worse than pure-bloods.

3) Hero: Protects His Family

It is evident throughout the series how Malfoy is under constant pressure to live up to his family’s name and legacy. In Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, Voldemort spared the lives of Malfoy’s parents on the condition of Malfoy assassinating Dumbledore. He knew that Draco could not do it but he wanted to punish Lucius, and chose to do it by giving his only son an impossible task that would almost certainly be a suicide mission.
On the back of his mind, even Malfoy knew he couldn’t do it.

2) Not A Villain: Lucius Forced Draco Into Rivalry With Harry

Draco took every single opportunity he could to insult, mock, or hurt Harry. However, it was his father Lucius who mostly felicitated the rivalry between the two. Often he would compare Draco to Harry and force him to become a better wizard. A scene from Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone explains it pretty well when Lucius reacts to Harry becoming the youngest seeker in the history of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He buys the whole Slytherin team new brooms in response, bribing the team to accept Draco as their new Seeker.

1) Hero: He Helps Harry Save Albus

One of the biggest signs of growth for Draco in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is demonstrated through his forced friendship with Harry as they figured out the situation with their missing sons. Draco, who didn’t have a great relationshp with his own father, tells Harry that he must make up with Albus. He has no real reason to help Harry, but he puts aside their past together to save his father-son relationship.


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