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Harry Potter: 7 Remus Lupin Facts To Blow Your Mind

Even though you’ve read the Harry Potter series more than once these weird factoids about Remus Lupin will blow your mind. The Harry Potter universe has always been featuring different backstories for its main characters. Remus Lupin being a functioning werewolf. He first appeared on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and since then the story of his presence had been full of details. Some of you may know many facts about him but just in case you don’t quite have enough, here are some unknown facts that we have managed to mention. Some facts might make you roll your eyes.

Remus Lupin is the first werewolf who has received The Order Of Merlin. People who aren’t completely aware of the facts in the world of Hogwarts should know The Order Of Merlin is given to witches and wizards who have achieved a great height. Even though there are divisions such as First class to Third class but the respect remains the same. Unlike Newt Scamander and whoever has got a second class, Remus Lupin has rewarded the Order of Merlin, First class. Lupin’s involvement and actions during the Battle of Hogwarts and also his presence with the Order of the Phoenix have made a record.

Remus being a werewolf had many complications in taking a teaching job at Hogwarts. Apart from his unchangeable werewolf side, there were other factors outside of probable backlash for wizards and witches. Deep down Lupin was well aware that he had no intention to hurt any students and that led him to consider this job. However, Albus Dumbledore made a deal to supply the wolfsbane potion to get Remus to agree to fit this job.

Remus Lupin

Since werewolves are highly discriminated against in the world of Harry Potter, Remus Lupin was the one who fought hard for werewolf rights. Unlike his father, Remus successfully fought against the discrimination towards wolves whenever he had the chance.

Remus Lupin got into Hogwarts with the help of Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore never agreed with the prejudice that werewolves had to face. So he did everything he could to help Remus. He even provided Lupin a place for him to turn every full moon.

Remus Lupin

The idea of werewolves being so vicious and terrifying wasn’t accurate in Remus Lupin’s case. From the moment he turned in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, he always looked so sick and thin. It has also been concluded that his werewolf side was mostly hairless. And due to this condition, he had to distance himself from most of the world.

Remus’s mother Hope fell for his father because he saved her while dealing with a boggart. Later Lupin’s father Lyall opened up and told her that a boggart was completely harmless.

After wondering for years, fans finally found the answer for what Lupin’s Patronus is. Interestingly neither the books of JK Rowling nor the movies ever disclosed this fact. Finally, the author herself revealed that Remus’s Patronus was an ordinary wolf. She further added that Lupin couldn’t stand it. Because it used to make him absolutely uneasy so he never thought of showing it off until needed.

So this was all about the unknown factoids about Remus Lupin. Share your thoughts with us.

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