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Harry Potter: Facts About Other Wizarding Schools Besides Hogwarts

It is evident after the Fantastic Beasts movies were released that Hogwarts isn’t the only wizarding school in the world. In fact, Hogwarts limits its admissions to students in the UK and Ireland. There are references to a lot of other wizarding schools in the movies and the books. But there are a lot of things about them you probably don’t know about. Here are such facts about wizarding schools besides Hogwarts.

1. Beauxbatons Academy of Magic: It is in the mountains somewhere between France and Spain. It has beautiful surroundings, and the fountains created by magic. The school has a very famous alumni – Nicholas Flamel.

Beauxbatons Boys: Where the Movies Went Wrong | MuggleNet

2. Durmstrang Institute: Among all the other wizarding schools, Durmstrang has the worst reputation. Its alumnus is Gellert Grindelwald, the one who started the First Wizarding War. The school believes in teaching the students the Dark Magic to help them best in defending against it.

Harry Potter: Facts About Other Wizarding Schools Besides Hogwarts Drumstrang

3. Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: It is in North America, located on top of Mount Greylock. It is very similar to Hogwarts and also has a four-house structure. When it first started, it had only two teachers and two students and was a shack. 

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Harry Potter: Facts About Other Wizarding Schools Besides Hogwarts

4. Uagadou is located in Western Uganda in the Mountains of the Moon. It is the biggest school among the Great 11. The school is covered in mist such that it appears to be floating in the air.

Uagadou Harry Potter: Facts About Other Wizarding Schools Besides Hogwarts

5. Koldovstoretz: It is located in Russia and is one of those schools we don’t know much about since it is very less described. However, one thing we know is they play Quidditch in a weird way. They play it with uprooted trees.

Koldovstoretz — Welcome to the Russian wizarding school Harry Potter: Facts About Other Wizarding Schools Besides Hogwarts

6. Castelobruxo: The magical school is located in Brazil for all students from South America. The school’s size and the castle is very similar to Hogwarts, and so is its reputation. But just like any other school, the remarkable thing about Castelobruxo is that it gave the world many great witches and wizards who specialize in Herbology and Magizoology.

Castelobruxo Harry Potter: Facts About Other Wizarding Schools Besides Hogwarts

7. Mahoutokoro: It is the smallest wizarding school among the Great 11. And one thing will leave you in awe. Unlike students from Hogwarts, the students from this Japanese school receive a special enchanted robe that grows as they grow and also shows their academic progress by displaying the color. The first-years receive a pink color, and the goal is to convert it into a golden robe. However, if it is in white, it indicates that the wizard is not practicing magic according to the Japanese wizard code.

Mahoutokoro, the Japanese

8. Merge-School Of Underwater Spellage: This is a Specialized School and focuses on teaching its students about underwater charms in The Red Sea. They provide an advanced and basic level of Scuba-spells, and it also gives the students complementary Gillyweed.

Merge School of Underwater Spellage
Underwater Spells

9. There are five specialized schools, apart from the Great 11. One of them is the Merge School of Underwater Spellage. And the rest 4 are Charms School, Academy of Broom Flying, Euro-Glyph School of Extraordinary Languages, and Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts.

There are more wizarding schools but the most important ones are the Great 11. Among the Great 11, considerable information about the 8 schools (listed above) is known. But the rest three are unknown (yet). J. K. Rowling once suggested in a tweet that one of them might be present in Australia and since then, fans have been speculating.

Written by FandomWire Staff