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Which Harry Potter House Does These MCU Characters Belong To

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The Avengers is a fictional team of superheroes from the Marvel universe, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
Its a team of powerful superheroes, who’s primary motive is to keep Earth safe from the evil.
It made it’s the first appearance in the Avengers comic issue no. 1 in September 1963.
While saving the Earth from the big baddies, Avenger’s only motto is to protect innocent lives even if their own is at high risk.
Despite the fact they all have the same point, there have been times when we have seen them fight against each other due to their problems.
No matter how excellent or prodigious these superheroes are, each of them has different powers and is different.
Just like the characters in the Harry Potter series, each marvel superhero is different, and this makes the team stand apart from the rest.
So, we at FandomWire have decided to put our favorite Marvel superheroes into the Hogwarts houses to see as to which house is for which character. It sounds Magical let’s hop into it!

1. Hawkeye In Hufflepuff:

Hawkeye is known for his hard-work traits, moral conduct, and his loyalty among his friends.

He might be powerless among other Avengers but is still regarded as an equal member due to his hard work and zeal, making him perfect for Hufflepuff.

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2. Captain Marvel In Gryffindor:

Being honest, bold, and the nerve to fight anyone, Captain Marvel is a superhero that will never step back from saving the once she loves.

She has dedicated her whole life and the expanded one in fighting for good.

She can be, at times, reckless, making her suitable to be in Gryffindor.

Marvel character in Harry Potter house

3. Black Widow In Slytherin:

A Slytherin member can do “whatever it takes” to save the ones they loved.

Same was with Black Widow, no matter how many days went by, but she never lost hope in bringing the people she loved back from dust.

Not only that, but Black Widow also has a sharp mind, great combat skills, and excellent spy-traits that makes her a perfect fit in the Slytherin house.

black widow solo movie

4. Captain America In Gryffindor:

The ability to disobey and question the higher authority and having excellent bravery are the main traits of a genuine Gryffindor member.

And when it’s about Captain America, no question arises that he will never vacillate between fighting for the right.

Cap can be very spontaneous in saving his loved once.

Cap follows his faith and his heart, which even turned him against Iron-Man and the Government, making him a suitable candidate for Gryffindor.

Captain America Endgame

5. Iron Man In Slytherin:

No one in the entire Avengers team can be a better Slytherin member than Tony Stark himself.

The reason behind it is self-flattery, which is most common among all the Slytherins.

Tony was a witty, highly motivated, and self-obsessed man, who was dependable on his resources and state-of-technology.

Despite all this, Iron-man gave up his life to save the whole world.

Iron Man tony stark e1543238819350

6. Thor In Gryffindor:

Without thinking twice, it’s sure that Thor will be placed in Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat.

Thor’s other name is gallantry due to his fighting skills, and he has dedicated his soul, body, and mind towards the betterment of Asgard and the people of Earth.

And he can be a bit swift like a real Gryffindor member always is.


7. Black Panther In Gryffindor:

It will be a tough job for the Sorting Hat to put Black Panther in a correct house as he is agile, sharp, energetic, and alert as a Slytherin.

And on the other hand, his genius-mind will make him be in Hufflepuff.

Black Panther will somehow manage to be sorted in Gryffindor due to his ability to retain his self-effacement as he is the king of Wakanda.

Black Panther will never think twice before jumping in to save innocent lives; thus, his attentiveness and courage make him a perfect match for Gryffindor.

Black Panther endgame

8. Spider-Man In Ravenclaw:

Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, has a creative, intelligent mind and has a pure heart that reflects him of a Ravenclaw member.

And as he to his good at tech, it’s seen as a reflection of Tony sometimes, but unlike him, he has learned to care for everyone from a very young age.

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9. Hulk In Ravenclaw:

One can always count for Bruce’s creativity, innovation, and psychological support.

A Ravenclaw member’s most potent weapon is their mind, and Banner being a scientist has a sharp mind with seven Ph.D.s.

And an expert in the field of gamma radiation. And Hulk or not, he is one of the wisest Avengers, among others.

He is the personification of a Ravenclaw.

hulk bruce banner

10. Loki In Slytherin:

Among all super-villains, we hate there is one which we can not hate at all! Yes, it’s the God of Mischief Loki.

The main reason behind it is Loki portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the marvel cinematic universe.

A non-communicative Slytherin can be a bit dangerous as no one knows what’s going inside his head.

And that’s with Loki as he can even trick the strongest and smartest people and fake his death, thus making him a true Slytherin.

loki tv series


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