Harry Potter: Best Quotes From The Sorcerer’s Stone


It has been years since Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone was released, yet it still has its charm to this day. It is also a favorite holiday film for most people because it is magical, cozy, and perfectly fits the cold season. Potterheads will absolutely keep re-watching this 2001 classic movie, especially on holidays.

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One of the best things the franchise has given its fans is the gift of words. There are so many nuggets of wisdom that can be found both in books and in movies. Here are some of the most unforgettable ad heartwarming lines from the film that everyone clearly loves.


“It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget To Live.”

Harry Potter Mirror of Erised

The scene where Harry Potter looks into the Mirror of Erised and sees his deepest emotions is one of the saddest parts of the movie. Albus Dumbledore mentioned this line to Harry to comfort him, and at the same time, remind him of what is paramount.


It is an emotional confession and always hits home. It leaves the audience contemplating about life, the present that we have, and the blessings we are receiving today. Dreams are essential, but presently living life every minute of it is what truly matters.

“You’re A Wizard, Harry.”

Rubeus Hagrid Harry Potter


Hagrid is one of Harry’s most genuine best friends. He is the kind of mentor that makes him and his friends feel that they can trust him. These words are the affirmation that Harry needs to believe in himself.

The more that the audience watches and listens to this line, the more that they feel Hagrid’s sincerity. The trust and confidence that he gives to Harry are enough for the young boy to commit to his training in Hogwarts and become the best wizard he is destined to be.


“It Takes A Great Deal Of Bravery To Stand Up To Your Enemies, But A Great Deal More To Stand Up To Your Friends.”

Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter

The House Cup is a momentous event at Hogwarts, and winning it is absolutely a big deal. As Dumbledore congratulates everyone, he mentions this line to the students.


He intended to say this to Neville who displayed a different kind of bravery. This quote indeed encapsulates what real courage is and that is always being there for your friends, in peace and in war.

“To Have Been Loved So Deeply, Even Though The Person Who Loved Us Is Gone, Will Give Us Some Protection Forever.”

James Lily Harry Potter


Dumbledore has undoubtedly the best quotes in the movie. He meant to talk about James and Lily, Harry’s parents, and their sacrifice to protect Harry. This also connotes that the people who have passed on still live inside us and provide the protection we need.

“After All, To The Well-Organized Mind, Death Is But The Next Great Adventure.”

Albus Dumbledore


What better way to accept the imminent course of nature than believing it is the next journey in life? Dumbledore said that a person who has a healthy mindset is willing to accept that there is an end to all. Voldemort’s pursuit of immortality is rather a deranged quest.


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