Harry Potter Star’s Girlfriend Was Always Suspicious About His Feelings For Emma Watson: “I denied that I liked her”

Harry Potter Star's Girlfriend Was Always Suspicious About His Feelings For Emma Watson
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Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger –  even though the two never shared a tender moment onscreen, Harry Potter fans have long speculated about the nature of the relationship between the actor Tom Felton and Emma Watson. Having sparked multiple rumors about being in a romantic relationship, the stars once opened up about their feelings for each other.

Tom Felton Emma Watson Harry Potter 3
Tom Felton shares the first time he met Emma Watson

In fact, some revelations from Felton have added fuel to the fire, suggesting that their off-screen connection might have been more than just friendship.

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Tom Felton admitted to lying about his true feelings for Emma Watson

It’s common knowledge for Harry Potter fans that Tom Felton was Emma Watson’s first crush. As Felton recalled, the actors were asked to draw their version of God in a class, and when Felton drew a girl on a skateboard, Watson found herself smitten with him. Even the hair and makeup artists in the film were aware of Watson’s feelings, but due to the three-year age difference between them, Felton never considered a romantic relationship. Instead, they developed a close bond akin to siblings, with Felton feeling protective of Watson.

Tom Felton Emma Watson Harry Potter 2
Tom Felton and Emma Watson

Over the years, fans began to notice the undeniable chemistry between the two, leading to speculation about a potential romance. Despite consistently maintaining that their relationship was purely platonic, Felton’s memoir, Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, reveals that he may not have always been truthful about his feelings for Watson.

Addressing the rumors surrounding their relationship, Felton admitted that there was more to their connection than he let on. He confessed, “Rumours started to abound that there was more to our relationship than we were letting on. I denied that I liked her in that way, but the truth was different.” 


However, it can be observed that apart from Felton, almost everyone around him was aware of his feelings for Watson.

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Tom Felton’s then-girlfriend suspected his feelings for Emma Watson

Tom Felton confessed that his then-girlfriend even sensed the special bond between him and Watson. While he denied being romantically in love with Watson, Felton acknowledged that sparks sometimes flew between them. He described their relationship as one of deep admiration and kinship.


He added, ‘My girlfriend at the time knew straight away that there was something unspoken between us. I remember using the familiar old line, ‘I love her like a sister.’ But there was more to it than that.”

Tom Felton and Emma Watson
Tom Felton and Emma Watson

Felton clarified that his love for Watson was not in a conventional romantic sense, but rather a profound appreciation and admiration for her as a person. He said that they will always support each other and have each other’s backs through thick and thin.

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The revelations from Felton in Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard reignited interest among fans and added a new layer of intrigue to the long-standing “Dramione” shipping phenomenon. Although their on-screen characters may have had a contentious relationship, it seems that Felton and Watson’s real-life connection was based on genuine friendship and mutual respect.

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