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“I don’t find it to be fulfilling”: Harry Styles Reveals He Might Not Return as Eros in Eternals 2, Hints His Acting Career Might Be Over as He Focuses On His Musical Journey

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Harry Styles is a notable and renowned figure in the world of contemporary music. However, in recent years and up until now, it felt like the talented musician was ready to conquer the world of Hollywood and establish himself as an acclaimed actor. Much to everyone’s dismay, in a recent interview, the singer revealed that he might be done with acting… at least for the time being. This may come off as a major disappointment to the Marvel fans, who also happen to be a fan of the musician, as they were pleasantly taken aback by his surprise cameo in the 2021 film Eternals. 

Harry Styles may not be in the movie
Styles reveals disappointing news

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Making his MCU debut, Harry Styles was seen in the extremely short, yet memorable role of Eros — the brother of Thanos, an intergalactic adventurous sport, a serial flirt, and the Eternal of Titan. Truly a dynamic and remarkable role to play within the franchise. Following Styles’ appearance in the post-credits scene, many wondered about the future of the singer in the MCU. Turns out, there might not be too much to look out for.

Harry Styles Won’t Be Doing A Lot Of Acting

Harry Styles is done with acting for now
Harry Styles is done with acting for now

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Styles, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, compared his experiences of being a musician to that of being an actor. The singer, who received tremendous critical acclaim for his latest album, Harry’s House, opened up about the possibilities of his future on the silver screen. According to him, he doesn’t deem it likely that he would “do a movie for a while.” The member of One Direction, a notable boy band who has been on an extended and seemingly indefinite hiatus since 2016, expressed that he is keeping his primary focus on his music career. Following is what Styles had to say:

“I don’t imagine I’d do a movie for a while …  I think there’ll be a time again when I’ll crave it.”

Furthermore, he elaborated on why he prefers his singing career over his future as an actor. According to him, “a large part of acting is doing nothing, waiting thing.” With a tinge of humor, the singer continued, “Which — if that’s the worst part — then, its a pretty good job.” The reason why the actor is seemingly putting a temporary stop to his silver screen appearances is due to it not being a “fulfilling” endeavor. The Don’t Worry Darling actor also said that he likes to do acting when it’s “in the moment”, but he is now planning to not do it too much.

Styles is putting a hold to acting
Styles is putting a hold on acting

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When talking about his love for music over acting, the English singer-songwriter said that it’s a “really creative” process. In his own words, “When you’re making music, something’s happening.” Hence, it is undeniable that Harry Styles is more into his singing career, in comparison to his supposed Hollywood conquest.

Will We See Eros Again?

Will MCU fans see Eros again?
Will MCU fans see Eros again?

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While the general reaction to the 2021 MCU endeavor, Eternals, was quite underwhelming. Owing to many disappointing aspects of the film, the reception to the post-credits scene and the appearance of Eros in the expansive world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had many fans expectant for his eventual return. With recent rumors about a potential Eternals 2 film, many were sure that Styles will return to play a major role as Eros. However, such possibilities appear quite slim now. In the same interview, when asked about his cameo in MCU, Harry Styles had the following to say:

“It’d be funny if that [the cameo] was it, wouldn’t it?”

While this is quite a cryptic statement to make, it cannot yet be ascertained whether or not this completely puts Styles’ return to the franchise out of the equation. At the moment, though, such a statement from the actor has made many fans apprehensive.

Eternals (2021)

On the brighter side, there have been instances where Kevin Feige himself had hinted at how the singer-songwriter’s journey is not yet over. With such contradictory assertions, it is now uncertain what the future may bring for the singer and his MCU character.

Eternals, featuring Harry Styles as Eros, is available for streaming on Disney+.

Source: Rolling Stone

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