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Hate It All You Want But DC’s Titans Has Become 2nd Most In-Demand DC Series as Teen Titans Absolutely Dominates DC Show Rankings

Hate It All You Want But DC's Titans Has Become 2nd Most In-Demand DC Series as Teen Titans Absolutely Dominates DC Show Rankings

Titans is one of the widely hated DC shows on social media. DC fans have criticized everything from its plot and characterization to the blue tint that’s present in every scene. However, actual data says that the show is a hit among the general audience. So no amount of hate can bring down a show that’s actually loved by way more people than it is hated.

Titans Is The 2nd Most In-Demand DC Show 

Cast of Titans
Cast of Titans

Parrot Analytics revealed that Titans was the second most in-demand DC show of 2022. The site considers multiple things before coming to its data-driven conclusions like downloads, streaming, social media tweets, and more such relevant metrics. This reveal has raised quite a few eyebrows, but this victory was always expected. After all, in 2021, season three of the show was declared the most-watched TV show on Netflix in the week of its release.

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Grant Gustin as the Flash
Grant Gustin as the Flash

Back in 2021, it racked up more than 26 million views within five days of its Netflix premiere and became the most-watch show based on comic books globally. Over time, the show has only risen in popularity and kicked dirt on the faces of its detractors. Not just Titans, two other related animated shows, Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans have nabbed the third and fourth spots respectively.

As for the most in-demand show, that title goes to The Flash. The CW DC show was 36.8 times more in demand than other shows in 2022. Also, the show isn’t available on HBO Max, but on Netflix. Since Netflix has more subscribers than HBO Max. So that could have played a role in driving up views and demand for it.

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Titans Canceled To Pave Way For James Gunn’s New DCU?

The cast of Doom Patrol
The cast of Doom Patrol

Titans was canceled by HBO Max and as such, season 4 will be the last of the show. When the cancelation was announced, many fans assumed that the show as well as Doom Patrol was axed because James Gunn and Peter Safran, the two DC Studios CEOs were scrapping everything and starting afresh. However, Gunn debunked this rumor on Twitter and clarified that the decision to end the two long-running shows didn’t come from either of them.

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However, the DC Studios boss wished everyone involved in these projects the very best of luck in their future endeavors. Greg Walker, the showrunner, has promised that they will deliver a satisfying conclusion to the show. In the statement released by Walker, he said:

“We have six episodes left to unleash upon the world that we hope will give our beloved characters the creative closure we all know they deserve.”

The first half of the last season has already aired. But there’s no word on when the last six episodes of Titans will finish airing.

Source: The Wrap

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