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‘Hate Snyder all you want but this is the gold standard’: The Flash Trailer Reignites DC Fans’ Hope for a Proper Man of Steel 2 as They Defend Zack Snyder’s Vision

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The Flash’s trailer has brought Ezra Miller into light who has gotten massive praise for the upcoming movie. The movie unfolds the multiverse of the DC Universe. It goes back in time bringing back both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader. Not only that, but it introduces Sasha Calle’s Supergirl as well as the epic return of Michael Shannon as General Zod.

General Zod
General Zod in Man of Steel

When Henry Cavill had been reintroduced as Superman in the franchise, Man of Steel 2 was greenlit for a small period. This has sprouted rumors of Shannon’s return as an integral character. These rumors settled after Cavill left the franchise. However, General Zod’s return has made fans jump in excitement to see Zack Snyder’s villain return once again.

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General Zod Returns To The Flash

Michael Shannon‘s General Zod will be making his return to the DCU after playing the lead antagonist in Man of Steel opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman. Zack Snyder was able to bring the character to life alongside Shannon. Now that he will finally be returning as the character in the upcoming The Flash, fans seem excited and have once again begun demanding the sequel to Cavill’s movie.

The Flash
A still from The Flash trailer

The masterpiece that Snyder brought has stayed in the hearts of the fans, despite the entire franchise being rebooted. With Superman: Legacy bringing forth a new era for the hero at a much younger age, the chances of Zod staying in the franchise decrease by a lot. However, once again, seeing that the movie will be a soft reboot, Shannon could very well continue to play the character as the villain once again should he chooses to threaten Clark Kent’s world. Even though when the movie first came out, it was not as regarded as it is now. To this, fans now demand that Cavill and Shannon get the justice their characters deserve with a Man of Steel 2.

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Fans Stand Up For Zack Snyder And Man Of Steel 2

General Zod
General Zod in The Flash

Fans lined up to defend Zack Snyder’s work and how the action sequences were directed. The movie grabbed the essence of the hero while maintaining a darker tone than what Superman fans might be used to.

The sequel might never become a reality, however, that does not stop the audience from wanting a Man of Steel 2. Other fans are hoping to see Sasha Calle’s Supergirl go up against Zod and the story to then be turned into a version of what the audience would have liked of the sequel.

The Flash will be available to watch in theatres from 16th June 2023.

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