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“Having his genetics doesn’t hurt”: Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Says Extraction 2 Star Has Greek God Genes That Give Him Juggernaut Arms

"Having his genetics doesn't hurt": Chris Hemsworth's Trainer Says Extraction 2 Star Has Greek God Genes That Give Him Juggernaut Arms

The Hand of God – a phrase that is often linked with Diego Maradona. But one wouldn’t be amiss to link the term with Chris Hemsworth, the man who has essayed the role of Thor for the past decade. The Men in Black: International star’s physical strength has been acknowledged by people across the globe, his personal trainer being one amongst the lot. His physical trainer has finally delved into the question.

Chris Hemsworth’s strict training regime

Chris Hemsworth
Luke Zocchi has been Chris Hemsworth’s physical trainer for the past decade

Luke Zocchi has been Chris Hemsworth’s physical trainer for the past decade, having been associated with him for 16 projects in that time. Some of those films include action blockbusters like Thor and Extraction. And he is still not done.

The 12 Strong star is also set to feature in National Geographic’s Limitless, a series that explores how can an individual reach (or even surpass) one’s physical potential. No wonder it will also include a tribute to his training routine as well.

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Luke Zocchi gives an insight into Hemsworth’s training regime

Chris Hemsworth in a still from Thor: Love and Thunder
Chris Hemsworth’s training regime is something else

Fans around the world have been offered an insight into Chris Hemsworth’s training routine after the launch of Centr, a fitness app that has been modeled after the training model the Vacation star has adopted for his major films.

Luke Zocchi, the co-founder of Centr has finally offered an insight into Hemsworth’s training regime. He said,

“One of the best parts of getting to work with someone like Chris who’s constantly trying to push his limits is that I’m constantly pushing my own. I feel like we’re always learning new ways to become better both in the gym and outside of it.”

No wonder the two have been associated for the past decade.

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It is his Greek God Genes

Chris Hemsworth was planning to portray Hulk Hogan in his biopic.
Chris Hemsworth’s extraordinary genes are the secret behind his muscular arms

The 39-year-old’s unreal physique might not only be the result of his tenacity and perseverance though. Luke Zocchi says that it is also his genes that give him an edge, making the bulging arms of his a reality. He said,

“People ask me all the time how they can get arms like Chris. Having his genetics doesn’t hurt.”

It is these Greek god genes that allow him to adhere to his unreal rigorous training regimen and push boundaries. It is only natural that he will be doing the same for Extraction 2. 

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Source: Men’s Journal

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