Hawkeye: Actor Tweeted Video Just After Way Home’s Trailer Released

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Jeremy Renner tweeted a new Hawkeye spot about four minutes after the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer was released. In the Disney+ series, Renner reprises his role as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, with the first two episodes premiering on November 24. The series will include six episodes in total, each lasting about 45 minutes. Renner is joined by Hailee Steinfeld, who plays Kate Bishop, a fellow archer whom he takes under his wing while dealing with an “Avengers-level” threat in New York City during the holidays.


Could Hawkeye’s Tweet Have Double Meaning?

While much of the internet was waiting for the new Spider-Man trailer, Renner had other ideas. The actor published a Tweet from Marvel Studios portraying himself and co-star Hailee Steinfeld in a wrapping competition, implying that he had it planned all along. He used the hashtag “Teamwork” in his retweet, which could have a double meaning. One, since Renner and Steinfeld are both wrapping presents in the video, or two because they’re sharing a promo for Hawkeye, an MCU programme, just after an MCU movie’s trailer launch.


Both videos are in line with the MCU spirit, so it feels like it’s all in good promotional fun, whether it’s cunning timing or joyful chance. Renner isn’t just starring in Hawkeye in November; his new show, The Mayor of Kingstown, opened to positive reviews on Paramount+. Renner, Dianne Wiest, Aidan Gillen, and Kyle Chandler appear in Taylor Sheridan’s thriller series.

Looks Like Hawkeye Would Be Handing Passing The Torch To Another Character.


Renner has had a fantastic run as Hawkeye thus far, and while the new series hints that he’ll be handing over the reins to another character, the actor appears to be more than capable of continuing to wield the bow and (trick) arrows. The Avengers who saw audiences through Avengers: Endgame have now been killed off or have taken on mentorship responsibilities for the next generation of Marvel heroes, which was both inevitable and predictable.


It’s the one area where the MCU falls short of the eternal and ageless medium of comics, as everyone in real life ages, forcing the series to develop or reboot with new actors, which is always a possibility after everything has run its course. For the time being, however, the MCU shows no signs of slowing down, as evidenced by this Hawkeye vs. Spider-Man: No Way Home posting mishap, which reveals that even their own films are vying for promotional slots.

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