Hawkeye: First Set Photo Of Hailee Steinfeld As Kate Bishop Revealed


After months of speculation, Hailee Steinfeld is confirmed to play the role of Kate Bishop. As Marvel’s Hawkeye series has finally begun filming, the first set photos of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop have surfaced, alongside a beloved character from Matt Fraction’s critically acclaimed Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon.

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Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop


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As one of the leading members of the Avengers in the MCU, Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton was long overdue for a solo entourage. Joining the list of Marvel Studio’s expansive set of shows as a part of Phase Four, Hawkeye will follow the adventures of Clint Barton, and his protege, Kate Bishop.



A recent clip from Murphy’s Multiverse has revealed the first-ever look at Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. In the clip, Steinfeld can be seen alongside Renner, in what seems to be rapid transit. Also joining the duo is a dog, who is hopefully Lucky the Pizza Dog, on a tight leash.


Interestingly, Hailee Steinfeld can be seen with her bow while donning a purple outfit underneath her trenchcoat in the revealed set clip. Jeremy Renner has also retired his stylized mohawk from Avengers: Endgame, and has returned to his original hairstyle from the earlier Marvel movies.


Though reports of Hailee Steinfeld joining the cast of Hawkeye as Kate Bishop had surfaced a few months back, it was not officially confirmed by Marvel Studios. But with the set clip, the veracity of the reports has been finally upheld. Additionally, Jeremy Renner’s latest Instagram post has also confirmed that his protege will have a big role to play in the show.



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From the clip, it can be assumed that the sequence in the rapid transit might be a stylized action scene where Clint and Bishop either racing against time to save someone, or being hunted by the show’s villain. Steinfeld’s partially hidden purple outfit and the not-so-hidden bow only affirm that fact.


The revelation of a dog on a leash by Hailee Steinfeld.has left the fans euphoric for the upcoming DIsney+ series. In Matt Fraction’s Eisner Award-winning Hawkeye, the dog is saved by Clint Barton from members of the tracksuit mafia. Gradually, the dog gets attached to Clint. In a subtle dig, the dog is found to be named ‘Arrow’, according to its dog tag. But soon after, Clint changes its name to Lucky.


lucky hawkeye 1 2012

Having earlier confirmed the show’s villain, both Clint and Bishop are expected to fight powerful crime syndicates in their journey. As the protege of Marvel’s greatest marksman, Kate Bishop will undoubtedly face dangerous enemies, and might also end up with a few notable allies as the show progresses. As it has already been revealed that Hailee Steinfeld has donned the purple outfit from the comics, fans can expect to see the True Grit star to dazzle in her full costume soon enough.


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