“I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye”: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner’s Nephew Writes Him a Heartwarming Letter, Renner Sends Him a Beautiful Response

“I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye”: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner’s Nephew Writes Him a Heartwarming Letter, Renner Sends Him a Beautiful Response
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Marvel actor Jeremy Renner shares a heartwarming message on Instagram from his nephew following the tragic snow plow accident that occurred on New Year’s Day. Renner was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment and surgery after he suffered blunt chest trauma and several broken bones.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

Renner has been using Instagram to update his fans on his journey to recovery. The Avengers star has also received heartfelt support from his co-Marvel actors. Last month, he shared his exercise routine as part of his physical therapy.

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Hawkeye Lead Jeremy Renner Shares Moving Message From His Nephew

Jeremy Renner posted a story on Instagram showing his nephew’s handwritten message. It is not clear, though, if this is the same kid that Renner tried to rescue during the snow plow accident. Auggie, Renner’s nephew, said in his note:

I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye (which is one of the Avengers). I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive from his accident.”

Renner added a caption on the post and said: “Love my little man. Bless you, Auggie

At the end of January, the actor revealed he has broken more than 30 bones and is hopeful that they will mend and heal in no time. He said in his Instagram caption:


These 30 plus broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens. Love and blessings to you all.”

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Hawkeye Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

The intense physical therapy that Renner is currently undergoing will hopefully get the actor back in shape and regain strength in his lower limbs. Due to the intensity of the injury that he suffered, many fans believe it will take him at least two years to recover.

The 52-year-old Hawkeye lead has never shown any signs of discouragement as he keeps on improving himself day by day. In an Instagram post showing his usual workout, Renner captioned, “Whatever it takes,” a catchphrase used in Avengers: Endgame.


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Jeremy Renner On His Upcoming Disney+ Show ‘Rennervations

Despite the accident, Jeremy Renner is giving fans something to look forward to as he announces the release of his new Disney+ show, Rennervations. The project will be released in April, and it will follow the actor on a globetrotting journey to decommission and refurbish vehicles.

Jeremy Renner Rennervations
Jeremy Renner on Disney+ Rennervations

In the show, Renner will transform old buses into mobile music studios and old delivery trucks into modern mobile facilities. He said in a statement (via Variety):


I’ve been on this journey for many years, and I started in my community by building vehicles for people in need. But a few years ago, I thought, ‘How can I plus this up and create a bigger impact on a whole community?’ And that’s what this show does.”

The actor also shared that this is one of his biggest passions in life, and it is the driving force that motivates him to quicken his recovery. So far, Jeremy Renner is consistent with his healing routine and regular updates for his beloved fans.

Rennervations will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting April 12.

Source: Variety


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