EXCLUSIVE: Disney+’s Hawkeye Recasting Mockingbird

Disney+’s Hawkeye Recasting Mockingbird
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UPDATE: The season finale of Hawkeye (Episode 6) revealed that Clint’s wife Laura Barton (played by Linda Cardellini) was Mockingbird, Agent 19.


It’s been a month since Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD aired its series finale on ABC. Fans everywhere were sad to see the fan-favorite show come to a dramatic conclusion. While the series did tie up some loose ends, people were wondering what happened to characters like Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider), Deathlok, and most importantly Mockingbird aka Bobbi Morse.

Both critics and fans have criticized the series for not connecting to the larger MCU. Sure there were references to characters and movies like the Thor: The Dark World episode in season 1, to Jaime Alexander’s Sif making a few appearances, and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury showing up. Other than that around by season’s 6 and 7 the show just branched off into new territory.


Mockingbird in Hawkeye

Mockingbird In Hawkeye

We at FandomWire can exclusively reveal that Mockingbird will play a role in the upcoming Disney+ series, Hawkeye! Now before you celebrate, Adrianne Palicki will not be coming back to play the character. Kevin Feige and the company at Marvel Studios are looking to recast the role. While I’m extremely happy to see both Bobbi Morse and Clint Barton to finally interact with each other, it’s a bittersweet feeling to not see Palicki come back after she left Agents of SHIELD around season 3. Plans for a Mockingbird/Lance Hunter spin-off were in the works at ABC but unfortunately, the show could not find a pick-up release.

What This Means

Agents of SHIELD Mockingbird


This Mockingbird character that will appear in the upcoming Hawkeye series, will most likely be different from the version seen on Agents of SHIELD. Kevin Feige has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t consider the television shows he had no oversight over to be apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Due to Feige’s approach, it obviously makes sense that the studio is recasting.

For those who don’t know, Hawkeye and Mockingbird were the Green Arrow and Black Canary of the Marvel universe. These long time lovers were married but this is comics we’re talking about. Eventually, the two were divorced and they both went their separate ways. With the Hawkeye series looking to take some major inspirations from the iconic My Life As a Weapon comic from David Aja and Matt Fraction, it’ll be interesting to see how much of a major role Mockingbird will play. Since Clint is already married and has children in the MCU, there’s no telling how that’ll play out.

Hailee Steinfeld will reportedly play Clint’s protégé, Kate Bishop. The upcoming show will have directors Amber Finlayson (Bert) and Katie Ellwood (Bertie). Rhys Thomas is also on board to direct a batch of episodes. Mad Men showrunner and writer Jonathan Igla is penning the series.


Which actress do you want to see as the new Mockingbird? Are you excited for Hawkeye? Let us know in the comments below!


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