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Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Has the Much Needed Support of the Batman’s Star and Concerned Friend, Colin Farrell After His Near Death Experience

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Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner’s 2023 has started on a bad foot as he was involved in an accident. On the 1st of January, he was injured by a snow plow machine and received blunt force trauma and orthopedic injuries. Since then he has been receiving intensive care in the hospital.

Though he is in a hospital bed, he has been posting his improvement since then and has received many prayers for his well-being and support from his family, friends, and fans from all over the world. Jeremy Renner’s S.W.A.T co-star and friend Colin Farrell also send his best wishes to him.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

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Jeremy Renner’s Accident With Snow Plow Machine

Jeremy Renner on the 1st of January was involved in an unfateful accident as he was run over by a 14,000 pounds heavy Piston Bully. It is a snow plowing machine that he was operating to help his family member’s car that was stuck in the snow. Upon towing the car from the snow, he went to talk with his family member as the vehicle started rolling down the snow. In an attempt to stop it by getting back in the driver’s seat and applying the brakes, he was run over by the machine.

According to the 911 call made, Renner’s chest had collapsed and his upper torso was crushed by the impact of the heavy machine. He was immediately applied first aid by his family members and neighbors and was airlifted to the nearest hospital where he underwent multiple operations. Upon investigating the scenario the police said that no foul play was detected and it was an unfortunate accident for Renner.

Jeremy Renner from Hospital bed
Jeremy Renner from hospital bed

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Since his accident, he has received many thoughts and prayers, support, and well-wishes for his speedy recovery. He has also been updating his progress through social media and expresses his gratitude towards all the people for caring for him and sending him their good wishes and also thanking all the doctors and nurses who took care of him. Renner underwent two surgeries for his extensive injuries

S.W.A.T. Co-star and Friend Colin Farrell Sends Well Wishes

Collin Farrell, Renner’s co-star in the series S.W.A.T also sends his well-wishes to Jeremy Renner who is currently in a hospital bed. While in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Farrell stated that he has ” been in touch” with Renner and also added, “He’s doing good, I believe, All prayers are with him”. 

After his operations and after getting some rest for some days, the Hawkeye star shared an image on Instagram of him with multiple doctors and nurses who took care of him and captioned, “Thank you renowned medical ICU team for beginning this journey”. Previously Renner also shared a couple of photos through his social media account where he thanked all his fans for caring for him and a picture where he was having a spa day in the hospital, thanking his mother and sister for always loving and supporting him.

Jeremy Renner and Colin Farrell
Jeremy Renner and Colin Farrell

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On the 7th of January, Jeremy Renner turned 52 years old and received many wishes from people all over the globe, co-stars, and also a video that was made by the Base Chicago where some kids were holding up signboards that said “Renner” and sang to a 50 Cent song, In Da Club. Renner responded after watching this video, “I love you all sooooo much !!! Thank you”, followed by a sticker and also commented, “You’ve made my spirits sing!!!!”. 

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