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Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner’s Controversial Split from Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco That Shook Hollywood

Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner's Controversial Split from Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco That Shook Hollywood

Jeremy Renner has slowly been progressing on his path of recovery and the world has been praying for him to be back in perfect shape as soon as possible. With the actor now winning basically everyone’s hearts with his kindness and dedication, it is no doubt that the world would support him through his tough times. Furthermore, he even managed to smooth things over with his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco.

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Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy Renner with their daughter Ava

Things between the two had previously been very rough, but now to see them caring for each other and becoming friends once again has made it even better for the actor. When the entire world was worried about it, Pacheco was no exception to it. There was a lot that went down between them during their marriage and none of it was kind, leaving both of them in a hasty divorce with neither party wanting to talk to the other.

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Jeremy Renner Threatened To Kill Sonni Pacheco

Jeremy Renner has been in his fair share of controversies before the accident. The light he has been under has oftentimes shown him to be at the center of controversies. While at the moment, the actor is the center of all his fans’ prayers, there had been instances where he may have put his loved ones’ lives in danger. Especially during the custody battle between Renner and Sonni Pacheco, the accusations put on the actor had been more than concerning.

Jeremy Renner et Sonni Pacheco à Los Angeles le 30 août 2012. - Purepeople
Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco

“it was better that Ava had no parents than to have [Pacheco] as a mother.”

Pacheco claimed that one night, the actor came home drunk and high on cocaine as he kept talking about not being able to deal with his ex-wife anymore. He threatened to kill her and even put a gun in his mouth, threatening to kill himself. He even empty-fired within his home while his daughter Ava was still asleep in her room. Their nanny during that time claimed that she overheard the Avengers star saying he was going to kill Pacheco and himself shortly after because his daughter deserved better.

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Jeremy Renner Had A History of Substance Abuse

The relationship between Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco was far from smooth. They were constantly arguing to an extent where their daughter Ava’s well-being was also questioned. Although Renner’s representative was adamant about the fact that when it came to her, the Hawkeye star always tried to be the best version of himself and give her the best life possible.

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Jeremy Renner

Unfortunately, Renner has had a history of partying constantly, being intoxicated, and being prone to substance abuse. Traces of cocaine were also found around his apartment at one point. Although the actor pays child support at the moment to his ex-wife and his daughter, his concerning past was always a subject of controversy for the court.

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