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8 MCU Hawkeye Action Scenes That Prove Why He’s The Avengers’ Winning Factor

8 MCU Hawkeye Action Scenes That Prove Why Hes The Avengers Winning Factor

MCU has recently released the Trailer for Hawkeye Series. It was one of the most awaited series of Marvel. And to be honest, Hawkeye deserved this series right from the start. Hawkeye has some exceptional fighting and combat skills. Although he doesn’t have the strength of Thor, the guile of Black Widow, or even Hulk’s rage, his archery skills are second to none. His arrows are so powerful that they can pierce Hulk’s skin and break through Iron Man’s armor. He can even use them to instantly cut down whole armies of Ultron robots. So here are 8 MCU Hawkeye Action Scenes That Prove Why He’s The Avengers’ Winning Factor.

1. Hawkeye vs. The Chitauri Force and Loki:


The Battle of New York gave Clint a new and strong position in The Avengers. He showed many Archery skills in The Avengers movie. However, one of the most memorable moments was when Hawkeye saw Loki approaching and took his revenge shot. The arrow hit Loki, who did not realize it was an explosive, so he fell to the ground as a result. 

2. Hawkeye’s Fight against Black Panther was a memorable one. 

Hawkeye Vs. Black Panther

Black Panther’s Vibranium made him resistant to arrows. However, Clint uses this as a way to lower T’Challa’s guard during their airport fight. Despite T’challa’s Black Panther Suit, Hawkeye was able to restrain him.

3. Hawkeye became more lethal when Loki controlled his mind.

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Hawkeye killed many innocent S.H.E.I.L.D members when Loki controlled his mind using the Scepter. His fight with Natasha was real fun to watch. Clint snuck up on Natasha and also countered her trademark head scissor move with his agility.

4. The Chase Sequence between Hawkeye and the Outriders in Avengers: Endgame. 


Hawkeye shot arrows at the alien creatures to blow up some of their numbers but also landed on higher ground after rappeling using other arrows. Again, his ability to improvise was evident here. However, when some of the outriders were still chasing him, he used his Katana skills to slice them off. 

5. He not only fought the Chitauri forces with his great archery but also proved his close combat prowess. 

4814570 chitauri aliens avengers

Hawkeye and Black Widow resorted to their melee skills whenever the foes approached. Clint even crushed them with their own weapons. This proves his close combat skills. 

6. In Captain America: Civil War, Vision outmatched Clint, yet he managed to take Scarlet Witch to freedom.


Here Hawkeye’s life was in danger as Vision was a synthezoid. He even punched the Vibranium robot with bare hands. Clearly, it’s Hawkeye’s Never-Say-Die attitude.

7. Hawkeye alternated between ranged and melee combat. Firstly, fending off the sentries with his usual arrow strikes. Secondly, when they came close enough, he had to start tearing them apart.


He promised Wanda and Quicksilver that if he could deal with Ultron’s sentries only with a bow and arrow, they could as well. So when the Sentries almost destroyed Sokovia, Clint fought the sentries alone. He lived up to his words. 

8. Hawkeye took part in destroying the last HYDRA cell alongside the Avengers.

Avengers fight HYDRA in Avengers Age of Ultron Cropped

Despite a rough terrain, Hawkeye never missed a shot. When the enemies tried to jump on the vehicle, he displayed his close-combat skills. 

So these were the Hawkeye Action Scenes That Prove Why He’s The Avengers’ Winning Factor. 

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