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Hawkman: The Rock Welcomes Aldis Hodge In Epic Style For Black Adam

On August 22nd, the first animated teaser of Black Adam was released at the global DC FanDome event. Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Black Adam, the movie will be the first of its kind to have an antagonist/anti-hero in the lead role. The teaser also showed the members of the Justice Society of America who would be making their debut appearance in the movie. And now, news has come in regarding the casting of Hawkman straight from the Rock’s mouth.

Prior to the release of the animated teaser, actor Noah Centineo was confirmed to play the role of Atom Smasher in Black Adam. Now, according to The Wrap, Aldis Hodge has been confirmed to play the role of Hawkman in the upcoming movie. The One Night in Miami star is the latest addition to the Dwayne Johnson starring movie. Aldis Hodge also starred in The Invisible Man, which received widespread acclaim upon its release.

Aldis Hodge To Play Hawkman in Black Adam

According to the Rock, Black Adam is his dream project which he has been planning for over a decade now. Attached to the project is director Jaume Collet-Serra, who has previously collaborated with Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming adventure film Jungle Cruise, set to be released next year. The wrestler turned actor has now personally confirmed that Aldis Hodge is going to be a part of Black Adam as Hawkman. In his latest Instagram post, the Rock confirmed that Aldis Hodge is the latest addition to the upcoming movie in his own, lovable grandeur.

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THIS IS HAWKMAN ???? A pleasure to welcome @aldis_hodge to BLACK ADAM. HAWKMAN is a critical leading role for our movie, as he is the fiery leader of the JSA (Justice Society of America) and one of the most beloved and legendary characters in the DC UNIVERSE. I called Aldis personally as I wanted to surprise him that he got the role and it wound up being one of the greatest conversations I’ve ever had. Aldis: Hello? DJ: Hello, I’d like to speak to Aldis. Aldis: Who is this? DJ: This is Dwayne Johnson. * long pause Aldis: Whoever this is stop playing on my phone. DJ: This is Dwayne, is this Aldis? * longer pause Aldis: This shit ain’t funny, I said stop playing on my fucking phone. DJ: Aldis, this is DJ. I just called to say thank you so much for sending in your audition – it was great and I really appreciate the efforts you made. Just wanted to say thanks and best of luck in all you do. And one more thing — welcome to Black Adam. * longest pause Aldis: I’m sorry you’ll have to hold on for a one second. * he puts the phone down and walks away and all I hear is inaudible yells ???? Aldis: DJAYYYY OHHHHH SHIT!!!!!! * Im laughing my ass off by now. DJ: You ok? You’re gonna crush this role! We went on to have an awesome conversation full of gratitude, love and motivation. Can’t wait to work with this very talented brother. The perfect HAWKMAN. Let’s get to work. #aldishodge #jsa #hawkman ???? #blackadam⚡️

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Hawkman is one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe. Popularized in Justice League Unlimited, Hawkman has been a member of the Justice Society of America and has a rich history dating back to ancient Egypt. However, there are a few versions of the character, out of which two are well known. The original version of Hawkman is Carter Hall, who was introduced back in 1940.

Hawkman in Black Adam

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In ancient Egypt, Prince Khufu and his consort, Chay-Ara, are murdered by the evil Egyptian priest Hath-Set. After millennia, Prince Khufu is reincarnated as Carter Hall, an archaeologist. During one of his surveys, Carter Hall comes across the knife which was used to murder Khufu and Chay-Ara. Upon possessing the knife, his past memories come rushing in. Alongside Carter Hall, the Egyptian priest Hath-Set was also reincarnated as Anton Hastor, a scientist. Upon gaining his memories, Carter Hall also realizes that Anton Hastor must be stopped.

Carter Hall uses Nth metal to create his wings, harness, boots, and belt which enables him to defy gravity and take flight. As Hawkman, he uses a mace as his primary weapon. The Nth metal enhances his eyesight, hearing, strength, endurance, and healing. Due to his multiple reincarnations and his ability to gain access to all the past memories, Hawkman can speak several languages, has mastered numerous fighting techniques, and is a formidable leader who can come up with innovative plans against overwhelming odds.

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In the comics, Hawkman is always shown with his romantic interest, Hawkgirl. Bounded by the same curse of rebirth, Shiera Sanders is the reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara. Having killed by a blade made from Nth metal, her fate is also tied to Prince Khufu aka Hawkman’s destiny.

As Black Adam is set to be an origin movie for the supervillain/anti-hero, the movie will also explore his stint with the Justice Society of America before he arrives in the present timeline to battle Billy Batson (Shazam) and the Shazam family. With Noah Centineo playing the role of Atom Smasher and Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, more news will soon come in regarding the casting of Cyclone and Doctor Fate.

Black Adam is scheduled to be released on 22nd December 2021.

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