Hayley Atwell Was So Deeply in Awe of Captain America Star Chris Evans’ Buff Body She Couldn’t Even Keep Her Hands Off of Him: ‘Her favorite scene from the movie was their kiss’

Hayley Atwell Was So Deeply in Awe of Captain America Star Chris Evans' Buff Body She Couldn't Even Keep Her Hands Off of Him: 'Her favorite scene from the movie was their kiss'
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Chris Evans has been one of the most attractive males in Hollywood over the years. His gentlemanly personality combined with his buff body has also led to many of his co-actress speaking highly about him. Evans’ Captain America: The First Avenger co-star Hayley Atwell also found her among the list as she revealed to have a major crush on the actor. Her deep admiration for the star even led to one of the best improvised MCU scenes.

Peggy Carter and Captain America.
Peggy Carter and Captain America

Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers’ short yet memorable MCU relationship is still loved by fans worldwide. Their duo has gifted us with some awesome moments. Looks like Atwell’s natural love and admiration for Evans helped her more in pulling off the role smoothly.

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Hayley Atwell was awestruck by Chris Evans’ physique

Hayley Atwell
Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter with Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers

Hayley Atwell has always spoken highly about Chris Evans and her love for him. Throughout several of her interviews, the Christopher Robin actress spoke about how she had a major crush on her co-star. It also looks like that the actress enjoyed every moment he spent with the Knives Out star as she has described the kissing scene to be her favorite one in Captain America: The First Avenger.

We have often spotted many scenes in both Marvel as well as other movies where natural reactions by the stars have elevated their quality. One such moment is when the Hayley Atwell star spots Steve Rogers’ buff body for the first time in the movie and proceeds to touch his chest. According to Atwell, this scene was completely natural. The physique of Chris Evans even made her speechless and she just pressed the actor’s chest as a natural impulse.


Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers finally found their happy ending in Avengers: Endgame. This bond has undoubtedly garnered a wide fan base and will always remain significant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now although Evans’ story is done in this Universe, the Kevin Feige studio has kept the doors open for Agent Carter to return.

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Will Peggy Carter return to the MCU?

Marvel's What If - Captain Carter
Marvel’s What If..? – Captain Carter

The MCU had already bid farewell to many characters who had a major role in The Infinity Saga(Phases 1,2, and 3). But the animated Disney+ series What If..? as well as the Sam Raimi-directed Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness brought Peggy Carter back in a new way as Captain Carter.


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Even though Peggy Carter faced a very unfortunate end at the end of Doctor Strange 2, the second season of What If..? is slated to continue the story of another universe where the Hayley Atwell character got the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. During a recent interview, the Mission Impossible 7 actress cryptically stated that the character is not hers anymore.

“…she is not mine anymore. She lives in the world of people that have taken her into their heart. And that’s beautiful.”

Even though this statement gives rise to some doubts regarding Hayley Atwell’s forthcoming MCU future, we are certain that she will return to the voice role in What If..? season 2. Interesting will be to see if Captain Carter is also spotted in any other live-action multiversal drama.


All the MCU projects by Hayley Atwell can be seen on Disney+.

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