HBO Max Announces David Ayer’s Suicide Squad


It seems some semblance of the SnyderVerse has been restored! Considering Suicide Squad takes place within that same realm and Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been such a massive hit, it seems Warner Brothers has finally made the decision to bring back David Ayer to restore his very messy vision of Suicide Squad.
HBO Max Announces David Ayer’s Suicide Squad
The first Comic Con trailer we were given was a dark and gritty tone for the Worst Heroes Ever. However, as Marvel continued to push out more colorful and energetic content, Warner Brothers decided to match that. The decision was made to bring in the same crew who put together their trailer, so they may edit the entire film. In the end, there were multiple versions of the film that was created. After the release of the final product, the film was met with mediocre to negative reviews. The film’s director David Ayer later announced that the movie put in theaters wasn’t his true vision of it and there is another cut of the film much more somber and grittier. Including more content featuring Jared Leto’s Joker, who has also spoken out since about his involvement in the film and exactly how many more scenes he filmed as the Clown Prince of Crime.
HBO Max Announces David Ayer’s Suicide Squad 2
Now we live in a society where the Snyder Cut has been released and fans clamor to restore the SnyderVerse. With hope restored, it seems Warner Brothers and HBO Max will be granting David Ayer permission to finally complete his version of Suicide Squad. No official date has been announced, nor an official title. However, the new official tagline for the film was released title, a recreation from the original line “Worst Heroes Ever” and changed to “Worst April Fools Ever”. We will leave a list of names at the bottom, let us know what you think would be the best name suited for this long-awaited film.
HBO Max Announces David Ayer’s Suicide Squad 3
David Ayer’s Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad: The Fools Cut
Squad v. Fools: Dawn of April Fools
Suicide Squad: Infinity Fools
Suicide Squad and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One April Fools

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… Wait a minute, that doesn’t seem right… I guess we will just have to wait for August 6 when James Gunn releases The Suicide Squad. Happy April Fools!


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