EXCLUSIVE: HBO Max’s First DC Feature Film Revealed

HBO Max's First DC Feature Film

Things are about to get prickly as sources tell us that HBO Max is working on its first DC film, Rose & Thorn, for the new streaming service coming in May 2020.

The feature film will follow teenage girl Rose Canton, who is just returning to high school after being institutionalized following the death of her father. Rose soon learns that she has a split personality named Thorn who is determined to find her father’s murderers and bring them to justice. While Thorn lashes out with violence and aggressively pursues revenge against her wrongdoers, Rose desperately wants to blend in and experience the normal pitfalls of high school life.

While she isn’t as well known as other DC Comics characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, or Harley Quinn its nice to see other obscure characters like this get a chance to shine in the spotlight.

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DC Flash and Rose and Thorn

Created by Josh Broome & Carmine Infantino Rose and Thorn made her DC Comics debut in Flash Comics #89 around November, 1947. Though from the looks of things, this version of Rose & Thorn will be loosely based off on the New 52 run by comic book writer Tom Taylor. Rose and Thorn’s abilities include but are not limited to chlorokinesis, enhanced speed, and toxicology.

Her last live action appearance came in the form of Smallvile season 6’s Wither where she was portrayed by actress Amber McDonald.

Other DC titles that are in the works for HBO Max are a show on Green Lantern and a Strange Adventures TV series based on Adam Strange both of which will be done by Greg Berlanti from The CW. The streaming service will also be the home for various DC Universe shows such as Titans season three and Doom Patrol season two.

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