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HBO Spent $11 Million for Each Episode to Make a Hit TV Show With Hollywood Heartthrobs Zendaya And Sydney Sweeney

HBO Spent $11 Million for Each Episode to Make a Hit TV Show With Hollywood Heartthrobs Zendaya And Sydney Sweeney

Euphoria is popular HBO TV series because of its unique storytelling techniques, stellar performances from its cast, and the series’ undaunted approach to controversial topics such as drug use, sexuality, and mental health. Fans are in love with Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney’s portrayal of the teenage characters. The series does not shy away from the complexities and chaos arising from the taboo topics.

Euphoria on HBO

The fans of the series are excited are eagerly waiting for the third season of the show but each episode of the high school drama costs a fortune. Gladly, these investments for the show were worth it because the drama season was immensely loved by the fans giving a high rating to the show.

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Why Was The HBO Series so Expensive?

From an exclusive report from Variety, the high school drama has a huge budget, and surprisingly the series invested from the beginning to make it the talk of the town. Even though the film does not have superheroes or Imperial shuttles, it is believed that each episode of the HBO series costs around $11 million per episode. 

“Even contemporary dramas with lesser-known stars aren’t always cheap: HBO’s “Euphoria” is said to have cost around $11 million per episode, for example. In that case, HBO identified a need for a younger-skewing, buzzy drama and aggressively went after it — at a time when parent WarnerMedia has infused the pay cable giant with more money and a mandate to grow.”

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Zendaya in Euphoria

Indeed, the popular HBO TV series is not cheap to make and the cost for each episode drove up in the first season of the show which cost around $ 165 million to produce. And it looks like the show’s budget would increase even more in the coming seasons but it would be worth it because would continue watching the drama Series.

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People Enjoy Watching Euphoria

People who constantly watch TV Series know that Euphoria is a massive hit on the small screen. Despite taking some minor criticism the show has massive stars such as Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Eric Dane, and many more. The drama series is one of the most watched series because the show does not pull any punches, gaining some heat and a loyal fanbase who eagerly watches the newest episodes.

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A still from Euphoria

One of the primary reasons that contributed to the show’s immense popularity is the visual style. The drama series uses dream-like cinematography giving an immersive environment that attracts the audience to the fictional world. In addition to using a striking visual style, the HBO series also uses different soundtracks that perfectly fit each scene.

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Euphoria can be streamed on HBO Max.

Source: Variety

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