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“He ain’t dead”: After Anthony Mackie Confirms Chris Evans’ Captain America Is Alive, Fans Demand Jonathan Majors’ Kang to Kill Steve Rogers to Declare His True Arrival Like Thanos

“He ain’t dead”: After Anthony Mackie Confirms Chris Evans’ Captain America Is Alive, Fans Demand Jonathan Majors’ Kang to Kill Steve Rogers to Declare His True Arrival Like Thanos

Anthony Mackie has been involved in quite a number of rumors these days. Previously, he hinted at a new Captain America for the upcoming fourth installment in the Captain America franchise. Recently, Mackie has revealed another crucial piece of information as he revealed that after Steve Rogers’ exit from the Avengers, he is living a quiet life somewhere, but the most important take from the piece of information is that he is not dead.

Currently, fans are riled up about many things that will be discussed later on. Anthony Mackie’s superhero role Falcon has been with Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers aka Captain America from his very first movie to Rogers’ last in Endgame. And it was predicted that the role of Captain America would be passed onto him, from one righteous one to another, as was symbolized by the passing of the shield.

Anthony Mackie's Captain America
Anthony Mackie’s Captain America

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Anthony Mackie’s Comment on Steve Rogers’ Death

Anthony Mackie has been around the franchise for a very long time since his first movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, fighting alongside Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He has been fighting shoulder to shoulder with him till Rogers’ last appearance in Avengers: Endgame. After Steve Rogers departed from the frontline, Anthony Mackie’s Falcon was bestowed with the responsibility of being the righteous one, and though he donned the role perfectly later on, he has yet to don the responsibilities that come with the shield.

Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans
Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans

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Recently,  on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, upon intense investigation by Kimmel, Mackie revealed that Steve Rogers, though old, is not dead as we did not see him die on screen and he was perfectly fine when he was shown in his old appearance. When Jimmy Kimmel said that we did not see him die on screen, Mackie replied,

“That means he ain’t dead! […] Why you trying to kill Steve?! That’s age discrimination, ain’t nothing wrong with an old Cap! […] Oh, ok! I’m like old Cap get like discount breakfast at iHop. All of us wanna be old Cap. […] Yeah! I think so! I didn’t see him die! I don’t know, I saw Chris two weeks ago, and he looked pretty good.”

After Mackie’s statement hit social media, fans went crazy with the possible outcomes of Cap’s return and many other wild conspiracy theories and plots for Evans’ return to the franchise. Though it looks highly impossible, nothing is with Kang’s power now that the more powerful ones have set their eyes on Earth. We need the best of the Avengers to be on the frontline.

Fans Are Forming Wild Theories about Cap’s Return

MCU fans from all over the world are currently very busy forming theories as to how Steve Rogers could return in the upcoming phases and one of the theories actually makes sense. Just like how Thanos returned from the past after being killed in real time, fans are now demanding Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror kill Steve Rogers to bring his past self into this timeline.

Jonathan Majors Kang The Conqueror
Jonathan Majors Kang The Conqueror

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Jonathan Majors’ debut as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania had a mixture of both positive and negative reviews, as many claim that the movie could not satisfy the hype it had built up throughout the pandemic. Although it is performing well at the box office, the movie hit very low critic ratings after its release. The movie collected over $264 million in 8 days after its release worldwide with an estimated budget of $200 million.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is available at the theatres

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