“He ain’t missing anything”: Fans Troll Marvel After Charlie Cox Says He Hasn’t Watched His Own She-Hulk Episodes

"He ain't missing anything": Fans Troll Marvel After Charlie Cox Says He Hasn't Watched His Own She-Hulk Episodes

During a time when Marvel Studios was taking over the world with big-budget Hollywood flicks, fans of the more rustic side of the comics were demanding something more gritty and raw. Therefore, Netflix, along with Marvel Entertainment, brought in Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Daredevil. Instantly, the show proved to be a major hit among the fans of the character as well as content from even Marvel Studios in general.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

But with Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, they automatically bought the rights for every show that they had produced, which also included the aforementioned title. Therefore, Charlie Cox had to relinquish his position as the vigilante. But with his resurgence as the superhero in Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, fans now possess rejuvenated excitement for his return as Daredevil, everyone except him.

Charlie Cox Still Hasn’t Watched His Performance In She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Charlie Cox and Tatiana Maslany in a still from She-Hulk: Attorney At Law
Charlie Cox and Tatiana Maslany in a still from She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

After the Netflix show got canceled following Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, fans were heartbroken to see Charlie Cox hang his cowl and leave his days as Daredevil behind. But then, to everyone’s surprise, the star made a baffling return wearing the red suit in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law alongside Tatiana Maslany‘s titular character. This was preceded by the news that Cox would be returning as the devil of Hell’s Kitchen in his upcoming series Daredevil: Born Again!

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Seeing the excitement from the fans and the audience following the return of Cox, many people were eager to know how he felt about returning as his most iconic character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with all the possibilities now laying before him. But to everyone’s surprise, the Spider-Man: No Way Home star revealed that he hasn’t watched any episodes from She-Hulk: Attorney At Law where he appears as Daredevil.

After learning of this news, many netizens from the MCU fandom and beyond have started trolling Marvel Studios on Twitter.

Many fans are also disappointed by the show’s main theme as well as the lackluster CGI that was employed in the production of the show, which also led many to believe that Cox may have similar concerns about the show.

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What To Expect From Daredevil: Born Again?

A still from daredevil
A still from Daredevil

After a long and suspenseful wait, fans will finally be able to see Charlie Cox in action as Daredevil in the upcoming Marvel Studios’ production Daredevil: Born Again. While not many details are available about what the show has in store for us, if the studio goes according to the source from the comics, then we can be guaranteed that we will be able to witness a very dark side of the vigilante in the upcoming series.

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, streaming on Disney+.

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