“He asked them over and over”: Charlie Cox’s Only Daredevil Reboot Request Was Rejected by Marvel Studios Amid Disappointing Revelations for Upcoming Series

“He asked them over and over”: Charlie Cox’s Only Daredevil Reboot Request Was Rejected by Marvel Studios Amid Disappointing Revelations for Upcoming Series
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With everything that has been going on with Marvel Studios’ show Daredevil, new revelations shock the fandom. Following the confirmation for the Netflix show to move to Disney+, Marvel Studios reportedly disappointed fans after they revealed only Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will be returning to the reprised version. 

Daredevil: Born Again
Daredevil: Born Again

Although the information was not officially made by Marvel Studios, one of the stuntmen confirmed he won’t be there on the rebooted version. While the Studios clearly mentioned that Disney+’s Daredevil: Born Again will be a “new beginning” and not a continuation of Netflix’s show, the revised version is said to have abandoned a crew member and even rejected Charlie Cox’s request. 

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Marvel Studios Refused Charlie Cox’s Request For Daredevil: Born Again

Following the decision of releasing the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again on Disney+, Marvel Studios recently confirmed the return of Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, from the Netflix show to the reprised version. Returning to their rebooted roles as Matt Murdock and Kingpin, respectively, fans are sure to find familiar faces despite the Disney+ show being a “new beginning”. 

Chris Brewster
Stunt double Chris Brewster revealed disappointing news

Although Marvel Studios hasn’t reverted on the situation of the other crew members, Charlie Cox’s stunt double Chris Brewster, confirmed he won’t be returning, as the studio didn’t call him back. In a recent interview, Brewster even mentioned how Cox requested Marvel Studios to allow his stunt double to become a part of the revival, but was simply rejected. 

But ultimately with Born Again, I had no doubt that they were going to reach out to me. Charlie specifically requests me on everything, and he always goes out of his way, and fights for me to be there.” Chris Brewster stated. 

Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox’s request was rejected by Marvel

Despite Charlie Cox’s humble request, Marvel Studios refused the actor. Denying Cox’s only request, the studios reportedly got back to select a whole new cast for the show. “And he [Charlie Cox] asked them over and over to bring me in, and I never even got a phone call. Ironically, nobody that worked on Seasons 1, 2, or 3 went back.” Brewster revealed. 


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Marvel Studios Reportedly Attempts To Erase Netflix’s Influence 

Taking a major step and targetting new changes that are to be adapted in the upcoming Disney+ Daredevil: Born Again, Marvel Studios’ decisions were heavily criticized by Chris Brewster. The stunt double for Charlie Cox even mentioned the Studios’ decision to be a “big mistake”. He further claimed the reinvention of Daredevil to be “bad” and compared him to a “cartoon”. 

Daredevil: Born Again
The upcoming Disney+ reboot Daredevil: Born Again

But to be precise, Chris Brewster seems like the only one who feels the reprised show to be cartoonish. Since, fans believe Marvel Studios is reportedly trying to erase Netflix’s entire influence on the show, by making it PG-rated. While the 2018 Daredevil show previously had gory details, the upcoming version Daredevil: Born Again seems to overshadow the Netflix version by adding more grisly scenes requiring parental guidance. 


I think that the age of the character, the Christian guilt, his history with women and stuff, it’s like it’s a little bit more mature, it has to be. Charlie Cox stated. 

Daredevil: Born Again
Marvel attempts to erase Netflix’s influence from Daredevil: Born Again

Mentioning how the rebooted series could abide by the traditional PG-13 fare like that of Spider-Man, Cox stated that would be an injustice to the character. Since Marvel Studios is making a reprised version, the actor believes it is important to do things differently, unlike the previous Netflix version, Daredevil (2018).  

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