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‘He ate that role up he deserves that praise’: Fans Defend Brendan Fraser’s Best Actor Win at Screen Actors Guild Awards Against Salty Austin Butler Fans Who are Calling it a Foul

'He ate that role up he deserves that praise': Fans Defend Brendan Fraser's Best Actor Win at Screen Actors Guild Awards Against Salty Austin Butler Fans Who are Calling it a Foul

Hollywood star Brendan Fraser had a massive comeback with the 2022 psychological drama The Whale. The Darren Aronofsky film and his performance made it to the best of Hollywood in 2022, leading him to receive the nomination for Best Actor at the 2023 Academy Awards. Although The Mummy star claims that there is always room for improvement, his performance in The Whale is undeniably one of the best of his career.

Brendan Fraser The Whale
Brendan Fraser in The Whale (2022)

And after winning several allocates, Fraser has also bagged the award for best leading actor in a film at the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards. While his fans are happy and excited about what is next for The Whale star, not everyone is celebrating his victory.

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Brendan Fraser Won SAG Award for Best Leading Actor

Brendan Fraser won Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role at the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards for his performance in the 2022 psychological drama, The Whale. He shared his gratitude for the win, saying, “I will treasure this.” During his acceptance speech, he also mentioned the “SAG card” he earned in 1991. The Bedazzled star shared,

“It made me feel like I belonged. We’re actors. We all want to feel like we belong to a tribe. And that’s where I found that I belonged.”

Brendan Fraser at the 2023 Screen Guild Awards
Brendan Fraser at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards

He also thanked his co-stars, writer, and the director of The Whale as he took the stage. Fraser also mentioned how he has been able to connect with his character, Charlie, in the film. He said, “[Charlie] is someone who is on a raft of regrets, but he’s on a sea of hope, and I’ve been at that sea, and I’ve [ridden] that wave lately.”

He also encouraged anyone going through hard times to have hope and courage and continue their journey. He concluded his speech by thanking his children, his ex-wife Afton Smith, and his agent, saying that he would not have been able to do any of this without them.

Brandan Fraser in The Whale
Brandan Fraser in The Whale

Other actors competing against Brendan Fraser for Best Actor included Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Bill Nighy, and Adam Sandler. And it looks like the Elvis star’s fans are not too pleased with Fraser’s win at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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Fans Defend The Whale Star From Haters

Brendan Fraser fans were overjoyed to see him win the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. However, many seemed to be in denial about the Inkheart star’s win at the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards. Many straight off said that Austin Butler should have won the award.

People also supported their favorite actor as they claimed that either Adam Sandler or Colin Farrell should have won the award for Best Actor. However, Fraser’s fans did not hesitate to share their support for him as they claimed that he deserved the praise he received for his performance. Fans also cheered for him to win the Oscar for his performance in the 2022 film.

The Whale is available on Apple TV.

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